Chithi 1st June 2021 Written Update: Kavin’s challenge to Venba

Chithi 1st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba and Sevandhi buying vegetables. Kavin comes there. He blocks Venba’s way to talk to her. Venba tells that Kavin was once his boss and she respects him for the same, but there’s nothing more between them. Kavin asks then why she has come running knowing he’s going to commit suicide. Kavin says to Venba to prove that she doesn’t love him. He tells her to come to the temple the next day and swears in front of the Goddess that she doesn’t have any feelings for him. Venba agrees. FB ends.

Kavin says that only because of Kayal and her family, he married Venba. FB shows. Venba is praying with closed eyes. Kavin is about to marry Venba by tying the Thali around her neck, but Kayal drags him away. Kayal says that he can’t marry Venba like this, if Venba shouts then he will be get beaten up. She tells him to marry Venba at 11 PM since at that time Velakku puja will take place and the temple bells will be ringing, even if Venba will shout, no one could be able to hear her. Later Kavin takes Venba in front of the Goddess and tells her to swear. Venba closes her eyes and says that she is going to tell that she doesn’t love Kavin and prays that at least now Kavin should accept it. Meanwhile Kavin thinks to marry Venba while she’s praying closing her eyes. Kavin slides his hand inside the pocket to take the Thali out, but his hand stops seeing Dharma and Yazhini in the temple. Kavin runs from there taking Venba along. They hid behind the tree.

Kayal phones Kavin and tells him to come to the given location. Kavin thanks Kayal. Venba tells that she wants to go back home as she hasn’t informed anyone at home and if Chithi came back home before her, there will be chaos in the house. Kavin convinces Venba to swear in front of the Goddess and takes Venba there. Kavin asks Venba to pray closing her eyes before swearing. Venba obeys. Kayal watches them from and signs Kavin to marry her. Kavin realizes that the Thali is missing. He tells the same to kayal through gestures.

Venba swears on God and says that she doesn’t love him and tells him to be happy marrying Yazhini. She gets ready to leave, but Kavin pleads with her to wait for a while. He leaves. Kayal comes to Kavin and scolds him for being irresponsible. Kavin requests Kayal to hold Venba in the temple for sometime till that he will buy new Thali. Kavin also reveals that Venba’s family and her family members are there and Venba is worried about it. Kayal tells a plan. she asks Kavin to bring Venba to the place where Goddess marriage will take place, so that her family will stand around them to prevent anyone from seeing them. Kavin goes back to Venba and realized that she left that place. He goes to find her.

The episode ends.