Chithi 2 and Thirumagal Mahasagam 25th January 2021 Written Update:

Chithi 25th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saradha calling her family members to gather in the hall. She tells them she has taken a descion and wants to know their opinion. Saradha tells she has decided to get Venba married. The family gets happy. Nandhini says it’s not easy to get Venba married as Venba and Kavin lift video was saw by millions people in YouTube.

Nandhini asks who will be ready to marry a girl who have spent the night with another boy inside the lift. Saradha tells her daughter isn’t at mistake. Deeba agrees with Saradha. Deeba tells even when Yazhini accused Venba, she proved she’s innocent by leaving to coimbatore. Anbu, Kalai and Deeba ask Saradha to go ahead with her decision.

Venba is worried that her dad will know that she’s not in Coimbatore. Kavin assures her that nothing like that will happen. Kavin tells what they are doing is wrong but they don’t have any other way. They can’t talk to their family about their secret marriage now. Venba tells she had enough, she’s leaving. Kavin tries to stop her saying he will handle. Venba tells she can’t cheat her family any more. She will tell she returned from Coimbatore and will go to her house. Kavin tries to change her decision. Just then Kavin receives Yazhini’s call. Yazhini asks him to meet immediately. Kavin requests Venba to wait untill he returns home and don’t take any decision in hurry. Venba agrees. Kavin leaves. Venba phones ravi and asks him to come.

Anjali finds Raja upset. She asks him what happened. Raja tells he told his mom that he will handle this resort but he doesn’t thing he can take this responsibility as he never showed any intrest in his family business. Anjali pulls his leg. Anjali motivates Raja. She tells she has an idea to develop his resort. She further tells she will help him to fulfill his promise to his mom. Ravi asks her how. She asks him to get ready first as they’re going out.

Ravi is taking Venba to her house in his bike. Ravi asks Venba to understand Kavin’s sacrifice. Venba tells she’s in this state because of Kavin. Venba asks Ravi to stop in front of a toy shop. She buys a horse toy for her brother’s daughter. Kavin phones Venba. He gets know that Venba left home. He asks her to come back but Venba refuses. She tells she will call him after reaching home and asks him not to disturb her till that.

Anbu and Nandhini come to the same toy shop to buy toy for Kalai’s daughter. Nandhini argue with Anbu. Venba is waiting in the cash counter. She hides between the toys on seing Nandhini and Anbu. The latter serches for a horse toy there but he fails to notice Venba. At the cash counter, Anbu and Nandhini see the horse that Venba has choosen. They video call Amulu to show the toy. Venba covers her face with a scarf and goes out while Anbu and Nandhini are busy in talking with Amulu.

Anjali and Raja are seen traveling in car. Venba is waiting on the roadside trying to call Ravi. A man is shown chasing few goons who have snatched a girl’s handbag. The goons fell near Venba’s feet. The man name is revealed as Thirunavukkarasu. He beats the goons up. When a goon try to run away with the handbag, Venba holds him and gets hold of the handbag. The goons flee. Thirunavukkarasu praises Venba’s courage. He asks Venba to handover the handbag to his owner. Yazhini comes there running. Venba gets shocked on seeing Yazhini.

Venba runs away with Yazhini’s handbag. Yazhini asks Thirunavukkarasu if he got her bag. Thiru notices that Venba running away and goes after her. Yazhini thinks they all are a thief gang. She also goes behind them. Anjali and raja stop their car in front of a temple. They go inside. Thiru gets hold of Venba. He removes her scarf and sees her face.

Venba releases her hand from his hold and flees again. Raja and Anjali pray to God. Raja tells that he wants to see her always happy. Anjali gets emotional saying his family easily blamed her she’s unfortunate. Raja assures her that everything will be fine soon. Raja asks where they’re going. Anjali tells they are going to meet a someone and hope she will agree to help them. Raja asks Anjali whom they are going to meet. Anjali tells an important person. Venba comes running. She sees a car and gets into the boot of that car.

The episode ends.