Sathya 25th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu decide to unite Maragatham and Raasathi

Sathya 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Raasathi asking Iniyan to takes her to his house. Iniyan deny it by saying Maragatham will insult her and curse her. Raasathi replies she is ready to listen everything. Iniyan says that she was in anger where she lost in election so she will show all anger to her perhaps she will think that she come here to tease her. Raasathi replies she never think like that. Iniyan says he can’t keep quiet if she says something to her.

Raasathi says that elders will behave like that only we might listen them. Iniyan takes her from there. Prabhu says to Azhagar and Sasi that Maragatham will insult her so arrange everything to boost up her mood. Iniyan and Raasathi comes to his house. Everyone welcome her and congratulate her. Raasathi ask them to call Maragatham. They tries to convince her that she will scold her or lashes out at her.

Raasathi stand adamant that she will get blessings from her. Punitha call Maragatham but she refuse to meet her. Kanmani and her mom thinks that Maragatham has no guts to meet her that’s why closing herself inside the room. Kanmani wish to insult Raasathi. Raasathi give up and gets others blessing and about to leave.

Kanmani stops Raasathi. She informs to her that Maragatham don’t even wish to see her face then why did she came here to see her. She dared to stand opposite to her then doing drama here. Maragatham husband scold her and says that she is a daughter in law of the house same like her so she has no rights to stop her coming her.

Kanmani leaves. Iniyan says he expected this. Raasathi and Iniyan going back to home they stops the car seeing peoples. They welcomed her and congratulated her. Raasathi feels emotional and assures to Iniyan that she will only think about people and their welfare. Iniyan appreciate her.

Iniyan car stopped by Police. They strictly says to them that no car is allowed in because it is VIP area. Iniyan ask to them who was that? Police says that new selected Chairman living here. Iniyan says to him that its chairman car. Chairman is here. He deny it. So Iniyan and Raasathi starts walking from there Sasi, Prabhu and Azhagar gives grand welcome to her. Raasathi got impressed by it. They are celebrating her victory with song and dance.

Raasathi mom takes ararathi to her. Raasathi appreciate everyone work. Raasathi praying to god and feels emotional when she thinks about Prabhu leaving that place. Prabhu says to her that he will stay for her. Sasi question him why did he staying here leaving his works behind. He replies to him that he gonna unite Maragatham and Raasathi. Because Its Sathya wish and his too.

Episode end.