Chithi 25th February 2021 Written Update: Venba attempts to convince Yazhini

Chithi 25th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin asking Ravi to read the letter sent by Venba. Ravi reads that Venba sent lunch for Ravibal as well and asks Kavin not to touch Ravi’s lunch and asks Ravi not to touch Kavin’s lunch. Ravi sees she has sent pure veg for him while she has sent non veg for Kavin. Ravi cries. Kavin asks him to read the letter fully. He reads that today is Thursday, Sai Baba’s day so Ravi will not have non veg. Ravi gets emotional that Venba cares lot for him. Kavin this is her Venba and wishes Mallika realizes Venba soon and accepts her. Ravi assures him that will happen.

Yazhini is wondering how everyone appreciated Venba’s food when she added lot of salt into it. She tastes the dishes and gets surprised that the dishes aren’t salty. Venba comes there and reveals that she never added salt to the dishes, so when she added it doesn’t become over salty. She further that says she understands her anger, but she’s not responsible for their marriage. She admits that they both love each other, but Kavin married her without her consent.

Yazhini asks why she’s saying all this to her. Venba requests Yazhini to think being at her place.  She adds that she(Yazhini) is very good at heart and her chithi told about her, her anger is justified, but she should understand that they can’t change what happened and requests her to understand her situation. Yazhini angrily leaves from there. Dharma, who watches everything, thinks that if Venba makes few more attempts like this, she will succeed to convince Yazhini.

Venba is admiring her and Kavin’s photo. She says she never confessed it to him, but he looks very handsome, and she felt it the first day she saw him, he made her love him without her knowledge. She kisses his photo. She receives Kavin’s message that he will be there in half and hour and assures that today their first will definitely happen.

Venba gets elated seeing the video. She decides to get ready before Kavin comes. She takes out a saree to change. She feels like Kavin’s photos are looking at her. She feels shy and removes all his photos for a while. She gets ready and fixes Kavin’s photos in its place then sends a voice not that she is waiting.

She goes out of the room. She thinks if Kavin comes before she completes counting 10, their love is true. She starts counting closing her eyes and goes down the stairs. Mallika, Gowri and Yazhini wonders what she’s doing. Kavin comes there before she finishes the counting. Venba gets elated and runs to him. He’s about to hug her, she stops him reminding that all are watching them. Kavin drops the bag. Venba asks him what these are. He says he has brought flowers, sweets and a special gift for her. She runs to their room and Kavin goes after her while Yazhini fumes.

The episode ends.