Story 9 Months Ki 25th February 2021 Written Update: Alia leaves Sarang’s house

Story 9 Months Ki 25th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang telling Kamleshwari how he unknowingly become Alia’s baby’s donor. Kamleshwari says that he is Vicky. Sarang thinks she got a shock but she says that she is talking about the Vicky of Vicky donor movie. Sarang apologizes for not telling her about this earlier. Kamleshwari hugs him and says that she is in a pool of emotions since her son is going to get a son. Sarang says that it might be a daughter too. Kamleshwari says that it is the same for her. Sarang is relieved since now he isn’t hiding anything from his mother.

The two go back to Alia’s room. Alia has packed her stuff and wants to leave and stay at a hotel but Sarang insists that he shouldn’t leave. Kamleshwari asks him not to be like his father by imposing his decisions on others and let Alia leave. She asks Raju to call the taxi and insists that Alia should eat something before leaving. Kamleshwari asks Alia if she can touch her bump once. Alia allows her. Kamleshwari touches Alia’s stomach and talks to the baby saying that they have a close relationship but they are going to get separated. She asks the baby not to bother their sweet mother and adds that she will remember them when she will see toys in a shop. She gives Alia a chain and asks her to give it to the baby. She also gives Alia a little suitcase with some stuff that belonged to Sarang when he was a child.

Raju comes and informs about the taxi arriving. Sarang doesn’t want Alia to go but Kamleshwari asks him not to be stubborn and let Alia leave. Kamleshwari leaves the room. Alia says bye to Sarang but he turns on the other side. She asks him to look at her once at least but he doesn’t. She goes downstairs but keeps looking behind. She sits in taxi. Both Alia and Sarang are very sad. “Naina” plays.

While Alia is in car, Sarang lies on bed sadly. Alia opens the suitcase that Kamleshwari gave him and finds a drawing of a little boy and a little girl. She understands that the sweet boy she once met in childhood was Sarang and hugs the drawing crying.

Kamleshwari sees Sarang crying while lying on bed and feels bad for him. She sits near him and he places his head on her lap. She caresses his head.

On the other hand, Brij complains about Munni Devi ruining all his plan. Munni Devi says that Alia was breaking their tradition and putting women of the house on wrong path. Brij affirms that Elaichi won’t marry Sarang if he won’t stay in this house. Elaichi cries.

Sarang is packing his stuff. Raju asks Kamleshwari to stop him but she says that she shouldn’t stop good from happening. Kusum is glad. Munni Devi comes and tries stopping Sarang from leaving. Brij comes and tries convincing Sarang to stay allowing him to do what he wants but Sarang says that he is a free guy who can do whatever he wants without the need of someone’s permission.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang leaves the house while Alia asks the taxi driver to turn back.

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