Chithi 29th October 2020 Written Update: Venba’s promise to Saradha

Chithi 29th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saradha blessing Yazhini. She caresses her cheeks. Yazhini says she couldn’t celebrate Golu this year as her mom is in hospital, but . Saradha she will be always there for her. Shanmugam says she says she can come anytime to their house. Saradha wishes that Yazhini gets all her hearts desires. Yazhini and Kavin takes her leave.

Saradha is reminiscing her moments with Yazhini. She says she has never thought that Yazhini will be her daughter. She can’t tell to anyone about it. Her heart wishes to shout to the world that she is her daughter. Venba comes there and says she has never seen her like this, what happened. Saradha tells she’s worried for Yazhini. The latter told that her lamp blew off during the puja and was worried for her marriage.

Saradha tells she likes Yazhini a lot. Before promising her only dream was to built their house, but now her thoughts are revolving around her. He says Venba is a part of her lives and Yazhini is another part. She can’t get sleep worrying about the promise that she has given to Yazhini. She asks Venba if she will help to fulfill her promise that she has given to Yazhini. Venba looks on stunned. Saradha asks Venba’s support. Venba says she has given her life and nothing is more important for her than her aim. She says she will be by her side and Yazhini and Kavin marriage will definitely happen. She takes Saradha inside.

Venba goes to her room. She cries recalling her marriage with Kavin. She takes her thali out and recalls her saying to Saradha that Kavin, Yazhini marraige will happen. Venba says for a second she has fallen weak for the thali that Kavin has tied. She further adds Saradha is the reason for her being alive, she promises that she will by her side to fulfill her promise. She will never snatch Yazhini’s happiness. She says determinedly that she won’t be an obstacle for Yazhini and Kavin marriage. She asks herself how she will forget Kavin, how to make him understand.

Yazhini takes a kurti and goes back to a flash back. Yazhini go to Kavin’s office. Everyone compliments Yazhini’s beauty except Kavin. Yazhini sees Kavin complimenting Venba’s beauty. He tells she looks very beautiful in traditional look Yazhini gets upset. Flashback ends. Yazhini puts back the kurti and takes a saree. She gets ready to go to Kavin’s office. Saradha is waiting outside Mallika mansion in auto.

Mallika praises Yazhini’s beauty while Dharma looks unintrested. Yazhini tells she got to know that Kavin likes traditional look, so she’s wearing saree. She leaves to Kavin’s office. Dharma complains that Yazhini isn’t worried about Gowri who’s in hospital. Mallika says that’s good she’s not sad. He asks not to tell anything to Yazhini. She leaves saying he has changed.

Saradha follows Yazhini’s car. Yazhini goes to the temple. Saradha admires Yazhini hidding behind a wall. Saradha goes behind Yazhini. She picks the rose that has fallen from her hair and keeps it in her wallet. While buying flowers, Yazhini’s handbag falls down and Saradha’s and Gowri’s pics comes out of her bag. Saradha pics her bag and helps her to put flowers on her hair. She asks Yazhini about having her photo in her bag.

Yazhini tells seeing Saradha’s photo relieves her from stress. Saradha says she has Yazhini in her heart. When Yazhini asks why she likes her so much, Saradha tells there’s no difference between Yazini and Venba for her. Yazhini offers to drop Saradha. The latter accepts.

In the car, Saradha keeps looking at Yazhini. The latter asks why she is looking at her as she’s seeing her for the first time. Saradh says she’s admiring her saree. Yazhini tells She has weared saree for Kavin. Saradha asks if she loves Kavin so much. Yazhini says She has Kavin on one side of her heart while Saradha is there in the other side of her heart. She plays Nooru Samigal irunthalum song and tells she likes this song very much. She questions Saradha if she likes the song. Saradha tells she likes everything Yazhini likes.

Yazhini drops Saradha at her home. Yazhini asks Saradha for a help. The latter tells she can give her live for her. Yazhini wants Saradha to come to select thali for her. Saradha is doubtful if Mallika will like it. Yazhini admits that Dharma and Mallika don’t like Saradha as she left the institution.

Yazhini tells that her Dad and Mallika will get angry if they get to know that she has asked her to come for selecting thali so she asks Saradha to act as meeting her accidentally. Saradha asks if she thinks they will believe it. Yazhini admits no and they will get angry on her and scold her.

Dharma can even slap her and tells he has already once slapped her. Saradha gets worried. Yazhini tells her dad has changed a lot. He’s slowly going away while she (Saradha) is coming closer to her. Saradha agrees to come to the shop the next day at 10 AM. Yazhini asks Saradha if she can call her mom. Saradha gets happy. Yazhini says if she wants she will also call her chithi like everyone. Saradha says she can be chithi for others, but she wants to be a mom for her. Yazhini happily says ‘thanks mom’.

The episode ends.