Chithi 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Venba convinces Venba to rejoin his office

Chithi 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin phoning Venba. The latter cuts the call. Kavin keeps calling her. Venba finally attends the call and asks him what he wants. Kavin tries to justify his act. He tells that he was scared to lose her, so he took this decision in hurry. Venba calls Kavin selfish. he achieved what he wanted without considering about her feelings. She doesn’t considers this marriage and tell that she will put the thali in the temple’s charity box. She explains him how important a marriage is for a girl and accuse him of breaking her dreams. She asks him to collect the thali from the temple’s charity box the next day and cuts the call without hearing what Kavin wants to say.

Kavin comes to the temple and prays to Goddess. He admits his mistake and tells that he loves Venba lot and prays to God for his and Venba’s union. Venba hides her thali under the blouse and lies to Kavin taht she put the thali in the charity box. She walks away leaving an heart broken Kavin behind.

Kavin and Yazhini pays a visit to Venba’s house. Kavin says that all the work is pending since Venba left the job all of a sudden and requests Saradha to convince Venba rejoin the office. Venba nods no to Saradha. Kavin and Yazhini try to convince Venba. Nandhini interrupts them and says that they won’t shut their company without Venba. Saradha tells Nandhini to mind her business. Kavin lies that there’s an important video call meeting the next day and Venba’s presence is indispensable since only Venba knows all the details regarding that meeting. Kavin takes the responsibility of Venba’s safety on him. Saradha agrees to send Venba to the office again. Kavin and Yazhini get glad and thank Saradha.

Venba comes to the office. She questions Kavin what time the meeting is fixed. Kavin ignore her questions and says that he would be the first person, who have confessed his love, by marrying his love. Venba says that she’s not intrested in love. She wants to focus on carrier and fulfill her chithi’s dream. Kavin holds his chest and acts of chest pain. Venba rushes to him. She slips and falls into Kavin’s arm. she gets away from him and leaves from there.

Kavin offers to drop her at home. Venba ignores him and gets into an auto. Kavin follows that auto. That auto driver is Mallika’s man and he kidnaps Venba. Venba realizes that the auto man is taking wrong route. She tries to call her chithi, but the goon snatches the phone. Venba shouts for help. Kavin realizes something wrong and drives the car in high speed to overtake that auto. Kavin loses the auto’s track due to a biker suddenly comes in front of a car. Saradha phones Kavin. Kavin informs her that Venba is kidnapped and assures her that he will find her.

The episode ends.