Chithi 4th March 2021 Written Update: Venba is very close to know the truth about her parents

Chithi 5th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini trying to cook in order to impress Kavin. Mallika encourages Yazhini to learn cooking. Yazhini asks Mallika and Gowri to stand aside and start cutting vegetables looking at YouTube videos. Mallika, Gowri and Venba laugh seeing the way Yazhini try to imitate everything that was done in the cooking video. Gowri says to Yazhini she can impress Kavin if she cooks like this and suggests ordering food from restaurant and sending to Kavin. However Yazhini is adamant to cook by herself. Gowri asks Yazhini to off the YouTube and gives instructs to Yazhini.

At the office, Kavin’s PA tells Kavin that he feels pity for him, he just got married, instead of going to honeymoon he’s coming to the office to work. She then praises Venba. She says that Venba never wished for anything, and God blessed by giving him to her. Ravi comes there and says a client had given cheque, but the money wasn’t still deposited in the bank. Now the client is asking to return the money and threatens to take the issue to the court. He further adds that the person to whom he has given is Dharma and he’s paralyzed now. Kavin says they can get to know about the cheque’s whereabouts, when Dharma will get well soon. Ravi asks him to find any other way to solve the problem.

Kavin phones Venba. He explains her the problem and asks to search in Dharma’s wardrobe for the cheque. Venba tells the same to Mallika and the both go to Dharma’s room. They ask Gowri for the wardrobe key, but she says she doesn’t know where he kept the key and asks Venba to search it. Venba searches everywhere. Dharma thinks the key is otherside of wardrobe and Venba should open that wardrobe to know the truth about her. Venba finds a key after searching lot. She asks Gowri if it’s the wardrobe’s key. Gowri confirms yes.

Venba opens the wardrobe and starts searching for the cheque. She takes the files one by one and check it. Dharma wants that Venba looks into the locker. Venba finds the cheque and informs Kavin that she got the cheque and will send it along with his lunch. Kavin thanks her and gives kisses. She blushes and cuts the call. Mallika goes to her room while Venba gives the cheque to the driver asking to give it to Kavin while taking the lunch for him. He agrees.

Gowri asks Venba to clean the wardrobe. Venba agrees. Gowri stops her and asks why she’s calling her as mom and her husband as dad, she’s an orphan and that Saradha adopted her. Venba gets emotional and says she can’t explain the reason, but she feels a kind of happiness when she calls her and Dharma as mom and dad and requests her not to snatch that happiness from her. Gowri feels strange seeing Venba cries and asks her to go and clean the wardrobe. Venba goes back to Dharma’s room. She remembers Dharma telling her that he knows who is Saradha’s daughter and who are her parents and adds that she will find answers for these questions in the locker of his wardrobe. She looks on.

The episode ends.