Choti Sardarni 10th May 2021 Written Update: Sarab learns about Meher’s amnesia

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 10th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab asks Harleen to not say a word against Meher and asks her that how can she blame Meher for her few mistakes. Harleen learns that Meher heard everything and says to Sarab that if he wants her to not say anything in this matter then she will do Param’s upbringing from now on. Meher says to her that Harleen won’t be able to do his upbringing with her state of mind. She says to her Param is her first son and she don’t care what Harleen thinks about her.

Harleen says to her that she won’t stay silent because she knows that Param is Meher’s past now. Meher holds her head because of headache. Sarab gives water to Meher and asks her that how is she feeling now. Harleen says to him that Meher does acting because she don’t have any answer to her questions. Param’s football coach calls Meher and informs her that he showed all the recordings to football team selectors which she send him and they selected Param as goalkeeper.

Param says to them that he don’t want to become a goalkeeper because goalkeeper doesn’t have any value. He was about to hit the football but Meher comes in between. Param apologize to Meher. Meher explains the importance of goalkeeper to Param and says to him that football is team game. She tells him that he should use this opportunity because goalkeeper can save the goal for his team. Param agrees to become a goalkeeper.

Everyone gets happy except Harleen. Meher asks Harleen to join the celebration. Sarab talks about the fight. Meher forgets the fight and asks Sarab that why she will fight with Harleen. Sarab thinks something is wrong otherwise how can Meher forget the fight.

At night, Sarab sees Meher sleeping with Kids and recalls what all happened in recent days and how Meher keep forgetting the things. He talks to himself saying that something is wrong that’s why Meher behaving like this and calls Doctor and asks her to come to house tomorrow to talk about Meher.

Next day, Jeeto makes Yuvi wear shoes. Kulwant asks her to see that Yuvi forget to wear his pants. Yuvi says to Kulwant that Meher giving party in 5 star hotel for all the kids so in excitement he forgot it. Hearing horn sound Yuvi goes out without wearing pants. Kulwant gives his pants to him. In Gill mansion, Sarab informs Doctor that Meher went out with kids to have breakfast so he can discuss about the case. Doctor asks him to tell everything.

Meher gets surprised seeing the “Happy Mother’s Day” cake on the table. Kids says to her that this is their surprise for her. Yuvi recalls Jagga and Amrita and feels bad. Meher consoles him. Sarab gives Meher’s medical report to Doctor.

Meher forgets the pin number so she goes out to call Sarab then she forgets why she came there so she leaves from there. Doctor reveals that it looks like Meher is amnesia patient now that’s why she is keep forgetting. Kids learns that Meher left from the hotel.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab tries to kiss Meher and she pushes him asking that who is he.

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