Choti Sardarni 11th January 2021 Written Update: Amrita joins Jagga’s office

Choti Sardarni 11th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sarab tells Meher that after 2 to 3 days Param will forget about the tablet. She says it’s not that easy. He says he will talk to Harleen about it and will make her understand the issue. She says he need not to talk to Harleen because she missed him so much so let her spend time him and she knows how to handle this issue. She realises that Param coming towards the room so she hides there with Karan.

Param searches them then leaves the room. Jagga says because of Amrita he too didn’t went to office and it’s already afternoon so he has to go now. she says she finished all her works so she will also accompany him because it’s her first day. Gulwant stops her and gives curd to her and blesses her. Bittu thinks Gulwant won’t give anything freely and her behaviour towards Amrita is really strange. Yuvi asks Gulwant to give tablet to him because Harleen gifted tablet to Param.

Gulwant says Param’s aunt gifted him so he should ask his aunt not her. Meher waits for Param in garden area and tells Karan that his brother will come soon to join them. Sarab says now he should bring Param. Meher says she knows her son very well so he will come here. Param says Harleen loves him so much and plays a video game. Meher counts from 10 to 1 saying before she completes her son will be here. She finishes her counting and Param comes there then apologize to her for troubling her and says he missed her a lot.

Amrita says staff should follow time table from now on. Jagga calls her. She gets surprised seeing Lovely there. Lovely says he came to get money. Jagga says he gave money from her salary and praises her for her idea about time table and says if it continues then he has to give increment to her. He tells her to leave for house saying he has to attend meeting.

Meher says kids starts to miss their mother automatically if they doesn’t see their mother that’s why she ignored Param instead of scolding him. Param reads Karan’s time table.

She gives time table of Param to him and tells him to follow it. Harleen says it’s such tough schedule for Param and says he is still a small kid so how he will follow it. Meher says she is right and she didn’t thought about it so she will remove it because Param can’t follow this. Param says he is big boy not small boy so he will follow this. Param follows the time table whole day.

Harleen tells Robbie that she already told him to not come back to house. He says he is ready apologize to Sarab and says he is not able to stay anywhere without money. Sarab thanks Meher for teaching discipline to Param. Harleen says it will spoil Param. Meher says Param slept already according to time table schedule. But Param was playing game in tablet without anyone’s knowledge and Meher moves towards his room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Someone kidnaps Amrita.

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