Choti Sardarni 13th January 2021 Written Update: Param falls asleep in the middle of his online class

Choti Sardarni 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gulwant gets relieved when she realized that Meher didn’t saw her sons face. Meher says kidnappers run away from there hearing her shout. Sarab scolds Meher for going there alone and says what would have happened if they had weapons with them. Gulwant attends Ranna’s call and scolds him saying they can’t do single job properly and tells them to stay out of the house only until Meher, Sarab leaves the house.

Gulwant asks Meher to apologize to her for tying her. Yuvi says Meher won’t apologize because she saved his mother. Gulwant says she forgave Meher and says she is relieved that Amrita is fine now. Meher reminds Yuvi about his test and tells him to sleep and says Param too slept. Later, Meher apologize to Sarab when he didn’t forgave her she told him that how he complaint about her to Gulwant. He says he even said how much he loves her.

 She says he thought Gulwant will tell everything to her that’s why he said that. Bittu , Ranna tells Jagga about Amrita’s kidnap and says how Meher saved her. Jagga gets angry and asks who dared to kidnap his wife. Gulwant says Jagga is responsible for this because he sent his wife to job. She says from now on Amrita won’t go to office because it’s about her safety.

Param was playing whole night game and hearing Meher’s voice he acts like he is sleeping. She wakes him and reminds him about his test then notices tablet charger and asks what is that doing there. He diverts the topic and leaves the room. Meher opens the laptop for Param’s online class and makes him sit.

 Later Sarab tells Meher to take rest and sleeps beside her. Param falls asleep during his online class. Teacher calls Meher to inform about Param but she didn’t pick the call. Other students makes fun of Param. Teacher calls Harleen. Harleen notices that Param sleeping and lies to Teacher that Param is not well that’s why he slept. Teacher says she talked to Meher yesterday but she didn’t inform anything about Param’s fever and says she has to talk to Meher.

Harleen thinks if Meher got to know this then she will scold Param. She says Meher is step mother of Param that’s why she is not taking care of him much so she can talk to her about Param from now on. Teacher asks her to send Param’s parents to school and says Param failed in today’s test. Harleen thinks Sarab should not know this and give bribe to Teacher and in return asks her to pass Param in this test. Teacher too accepts it.

Amrita says she needs salary money to help her family and says she will reach the house on time from now on. Jagga says he will talk to Gulwant. Bittu overhears their conversation and tells Gulwant that her plan flopped because Amrita going to office and Jagga too gave permission to her. Meher wakes up and Sarab doesn’t let her go away from him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher asks Param about his test and he was about to tell the truth.

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