Choti Sardarni 17th February 2021 Written Update: Gulwant attempts to kill Karan

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher to get ready for Sarabjit once again in Choti Sarrdaarni
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher to get ready for Sarabjit once again in Choti Sarrdaarni

Choti Sardarni 17th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaul drops Meher in her house. She tells him to meet Sarab but he refused her saying he has important meeting to attend so he has to leave. Seher tells her childhood stories to Sarab. Sarab says Seher is naughty like Karan. Seher says she clicked so many pictures with her mother so she will show them. But Meher stops her saying she can show that later. Karan says he wants to see those pictures. Meher says it will take time to find the albums.

Sarab gives the gift to Meher which he brought for her. She refuses to accept that saying he need not to do this formality. He says he is coming to her house first time so how can he come just like that and also this is nothing in front of for whatever she did for Karan and says it’s a small gift from his side for Meher and Seher. Karan gives chocolate to Seher and she accepts it happily and thanks him. Sarab says they should leave now. Meher asks how can he leave without eating anything.

Sarab says it’s already late and his sister must be waiting for him so he will eat next time for sure. Meher thinks that next time may not come in their life. Karan says Sarab never tasted Meher’s handmade food that’s why he is saying like this and says she makes world’s best food. Sarab says his Meher makes world’s best food and agrees to leave after eating. Meher thanks him and goes to make food. Gulwant sees Karan.

Meher serves Sarab’s favorite food saying he should eat a lot because it’s his favourite food. He asks how she knows that. She lies to him saying Karan told her. He asks her to eat with them and starts eating and feels this taste is familiar. She understood what he is thinking. By mistake their hands touches and he gets strange feeling again. When Karan coughed Meher gives water to him. Meher wonders how to ask about Param.

Param videocalls Sarab and shows his painting and says he got first price for this. Meher tries to see Param’s face but before she sees him Param disconnects the call saying Meher told him to not talk while eating. Seher asks Sarab about his wife. He says she lives in his heart.

Karan tells witch story to Seher and how witch looks. Gulwant comes there and asks room to stay. Karan and Seher sees Gulwant. Seher shows room to Gulwant. Gulwant asks her about rooms. She sees Sarab there. Sarab tells Harleen that he and Karan will reach the house soon and he has to start searching Meher again because he can’t imagine a life without her. Meher overhears his conversation.

Gulwant asks Seher about Sarab but Seher refuses to give any information about Sarab. Gulwant does something with Sarab’s car. Sarab thanks Meher and bids bye to her. Meher wonders what she should do.

Episode ends.

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