Choti Sardarni 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Sarab learns about Seher’s disease

Choti Sardarni 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samaira enters Sarab’s room with tea glass. He says she need not to do all this. She laughs at him and says she didn’t brought it for him. She calls servant and he brings something. She says it’s running shoes and she doesn’t know his size so he can pick the one which he can wear. She says she knows that he doesn’t love her and love just happens like it happened with her and says even though it’s one sided still love is love only and says this engagement is happening so soon so he should run away from the house. He says she is such a stress reliever.

She makes him sit and says she supported him always and she will support him forever so if he doesn’t want to do this engagement then she will tell Harleen to cancel the engagement because she can’t see his sad face. He stays silent. She says they are not lovers but friends and moreover it’s just an engagement not marriage and they can decide later what to do and leaves from there. He recalls Karan, Param and Harleen’s words.

Gulwant learns that some celebration happening in Gill mansion and wonders what are they celebrating. Harleen comes there and gives invitation to her saying she made huge mistake few years back by bringing Sarab’s alliance for Meher and now she is rectifying her mistake and says she found perfect match for Sarab that’s why she came here to give the first card to her. Gulwant shocks hearing her. Harleen says they need not to attend the marriage and says their relationship broke five years back and she don’t want to see their faces in future too and leaves from there. Gulwant says poor Samaira going to be a widow before marriage.

Meher brings Seher to Gill mansion. Seher asks why they came here. Meher says she will become fine soon and will get answer for all her questions too. She says Sarab is her last hope to save Seher’s life and tells her to go inside. Seher asks won’t she come. Meher sends her inside with her medical report.

Sarab comes out wearing engagement dress. Harleen and Samaira smiles seeing him. Samaira puts ring on Sarab’s finger and Sarab was about to put ring on Samaira but Seher interrupts them. Karan runs towards Seher and Sarab too goes to her. Seher says Meher sent her here and said that she will become fine if she came here then and faints.

Sarab notices Seher’s medical report and says he has to take her to hospital and picks her. Harleen asks how can he stop his engagement for stranger. Sarab says Seher is not stranger and says her mother is the one who saved his and Karan’s life in Kashmir. He comes out of the house and Meher notices Seher’s condition and gets worried for her.

Sarab admits Seher in the hospital. Meher too reaches the hospital and sees Param praying for Seher and learns that he is Param and moves towards him but hearing Kaul’s voice she turns around.

Episode ends.

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