Yaaradi Nee Mohini 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Vennila is safe

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 23rd February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with.. Meenakshi is waiting for Vasu. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi everywhere. Muthurasan pulls the car. Vennila cries in pain. Vasu is looking for Meenakshi everywhere. Meenakshi is waiting for Vasu at the temple.

On the way to temple, Swetha’s goons are waiting for Vasu. Vasu is unaware of this. she is constantly looking for Meenakshi. Muthurasan feels tired, even though he pulls the car. Arjun helps Muthurasan.

Swetha’s goons stop Vasu. Vasu gets down from the bike. Swetha’s goons beat Vasu with a hockey stick. Vasu reminds quiet. Later, she thinks if i am quiet like this who will save Meenakshi, i have to do something and snatch the hockey bat from Swetha’s goons.

Vasu beats Swetha’s goons. Swetha’s goons escape from the place. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi. Vennila cries out of pain. Family is worried about Vennila. Anakelli asks Karthik to phone Muthurasan. Emaraja rides around on his bike. Meenkshi is eagerly waiting for Vasu.

Meenakshi notices Vasu from the temple. She is coming towards Vasu. Suddenly, Meenakshi hears the sound of Emaraja’s bike and hides herself. Emaraja notices Vasu near the temple. He stands there and notices Vasu’s actions. Meenakshi hides herself near the big tree. Vasu calls Meenakshi. Meenakshi thinks that if I come near Vasu, Emaraja will surely catch me. Vasu is looking for Meenakshi at the temple. Emaraja notices Vasu from somewhere.

Vasu notices Emaraja. Emaraja is approaching Vasu. Muthurasan brings the Doctor. Muthurasan urges Doctor to examine Vennila. Anakelli explains everything to Doctor. Muthurasan gets emotional and prays to the God for Vennila. Vennila screams terribly out of pain. Karthik consoles Muthurasan.

Muthurasan prays to the god for Vennila. Gowtham, Karthik consoles Muthurasan. The Doctor examines Vennila. Vennila asks the Doctor to give the setechope to listen their Children heartbeat. The Doctor refuses. Vennila begs the Doctor. Anakelli asks the doctor to give her setechope. The Doctor gives the setechope. Vennila listens to her children’s heartbeat and overjoy.

The doctor tells Muthurasan that Vennila and your children are safe. She tells him to buy an injection immediately. Muthurasan thanks the doctor and goes with Arjun to buy an injection. Emaraja inquires Vasu about Meenakshi. Vasu says I don’t know about her. Emaraja urges Vasu to tell Meenaskhi’s whereabout. Vasu reminds quiet. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi at the temple. She hides herself from Vasu and Emaraja.

Gandhimathi kidnaps Meenakshi. Vasu and Emaraja argue. Vasu thinks she hides herself from Raja, so she plans to come after in a while. Emaraja thinks so too. Later, both leave the place. Muthurasan and Arujun search medical shop. Muthurasan asks for an injection. They don’t have same brand. The doctor tells him to get the same brand. Muthurasan searches an injection everywhere.Later, he gets an injection. On the way to home, Muthurasan feels that Rudra crossing the road. Suddenly, he pauses. Arjun, Muthurasan fall down.

Later, both are looking for medicine. Muthurasan brings the medicine. The doctor tells Muthurasan that she is safe. Muthurasan thanks god.. Muthurasan cries. Vennila comforts Muthurasan. Muthurasan kisses Vennila. Both spend quality time together.

with this the episode ends..