Choti Sardarni 25th February 2021 Written Update: Gulwant learns that Seher is Sarab and Meher’s daughter

Choti Sardarni 25th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher’s condition worsens. Param pleads Sarab to let him help Seher. Sarab gets worried for him and hugs him. Param assures him saying nothing will happen to him. Sarab asks how can he put his life in danger. Param says Seher’s life in danger already and says her mother saved Karan’s life so they should save Seher’s life. Sarab says Param will become Seher’s donor. Doctor says they can’t do surgery because Seher’s parents didn’t signed the documents yet.

Sarab says he knows Seher’s mother and they lives in Kashmir so he need not to worry about anything. Doctor says rules are rules so he needs her parents signature. Meher overhears their conversation and thinks she has to reveal her identity to save Seher’s life. Sarab pleads Doctor to start the surgery. Meher removes her mask and walks towards them.

Sarab signs as Seher’s father and says now he will handle the consequences and tells him to start the surgery. Sarab tells Param to not be afraid and says he is waiting outside only and says he is proud of him. Param tells him to not cry and tells Meher to stay with Sarab and not let him cry. She thinks she is also proud of Param. Sarab prays for both kids. Meher touches his shoulder and he gets strange feeling when he turned around Karan and Samaira stands in front of him. Karan tells Sarab to not cry and tells Samaira to console his father. Samaira says everything will be fine.

Doctor informs that surgery is successful and both kids doing fine. Everyone gets relieved hearing him. Karan says he wants to meet Seher and Param. Doctor says they are resting now so he can meet them later. Kaul tells Meher that today Seher’s brother saved her life and asks won’t she tell Param that Seher is his own sister. Meher goes to their room and sits beside Param. Param talks in his unconscious state and says he saved Seher. She cries hugging him.

He slightly regains his consciousness. She apologize to him for not staying with him and says she always missed him and says he used to ask sister from her so now he have sister and tells him to hug Seher whenever he misses her and tells him to take care of Seher and says she loves him and says from today Seher is his responsibility.

Doctor says it looks like Seher and Param are siblings. Gulwant learns that Seher is Sarab and Meher’s daughter and says now she has to kill one more person. Meher kisses the unconscious Seher and says she always asked about her father now she can live her father and he will take care of her really well and tells her to not fight with her brothers and asks her to not hate her.

Sarab comes there and notices Meher crying. Meher says she also has kids that’s why and leaves from there. Param regains his consciousness and and says he wanted to give Seher name to his sister. Sarab recalls Doctor’s words and looks at Seher.

Episode ends.

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