Choti Sardarni 24th February 2021 Written Update: Gulwant learns about Seher

Choti Sardarni 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher tells Kaul about Param and says Param always wanted sister but now she can’t even tell him that Seher is his sister and cries saying she could not even touch him. She asks him to do something so she can stay with Seher. Bittu and Ranna informs Gulwant that Sarab’s engagement stopped because one kid fainted in his arms and he went to hospital to admit her. Gulwant says she also wants to see who is that kid.

Samaira calls Sarab and asks about Seher. Sarab says Doctor checking her and tells Samaira to pray for Seher. Harleen says Samaira also behaving like Sarab who cares about everyone. Samaira says she knows that Harleen is upset because engagement didn’t happen today but it can happen anytime and asks her to pray for Seher. Kaul arranges Nurse dress for Meher so she can see Seher.

Gulwant reaches hospital and asks about Seher but Nurse refuses to give any information about Seher. Param comes there and says he missed her so much and takes her blessings. She recalls the moments she shared with him and thinks she should not become weak and asks about Seher. Karan shows the room to her.

Meher enters the room wearing Nurse dress. Doctor informs about bone marrow transplant to Sarab. Gulwant sees Seher and remembers that she saw her in Kashmir and wonders what Sarab doing with her. She approaches Nurse and tells her to do something saying she will give money to her.

Doctor says Seher doesn’t have any siblings if she had then it would have been easy to save her. Sarab tells him to prepare for surgery and he will arrange the donor. He calls Robbie and tells him to find the donor for Seher. Param learns that his blood group matches with Seher so he decides to save her for saving Karan and Sarab’s life. He tells Doctor that he will become donor for Seher. Doctor says he is still kid for all this. Param says he wants to save Seher. Sarab asks what’s happening here. Param says Sarab too knows that they doesn’t have much time to save Seher’s life and says he wants to help her.

He gives his blood for test and Meher diverts him so he doesn’t feel pain. Param says she is reminding his mother and thanks him. She hugs him and cries. Sarab comes there and asks what is he doing. Karan says Param is so brave and he gave blood for test without fearing about big syringe.Sarab says he is proud of Param.

Harleen learns that Param gave his blood for test and says he can’t donate bone marrow. Samaira says Sarab is worried already so she will meet him. She gives food to Sarab and says he didn’t eat anything since morning but he refused her. Doctor informs them that Param can become Seher’s donor. Sarab says Param is still kid. Doctor asks him to decide soon. Seher’s condition gets worsen and Doctor shifts her to ICU.

Episode ends.

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