Choti Sardarni 27th February 2021 Written Update: Sarab meets with an accident

Choti Sardarni 27th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher tries to defend herself saying she is not kidnapper and they misunderstood her. Sarab comes there and says she is his wife and Public leaves from there hearing him. Sarab moves towards Meher and they recalls the moments they shared with each other. Sarab slips and seeing that Meher runs towards him and hugs him ( Hamari adhuri kahani songs plays in the background). He asks why she did that and asks since when her heart become stone and asks didn’t she remember him once also in these five years. She says she never forgot him.

He says he used to talk to her picture because he missed her that much and asks why she didn’t came to meet him after her release.He says at least she knows about his whereabouts but he knows nothing about her and says she can’t even imagine where all he searched her but when she met him she hided from him. She says she wanted to meet them but could not. He says he is angry on her. She hugs him saying he has full rights to get angry on her. He says he can forgive her but he has one question.

Param tells Seher that she is his and Karan’s sister so they are going to live together from now on and Sarab went to pick Meher. Harleen overhears their conversation and tells Samaira that everything is lie and Seher must be Meher and Kaul’s daughter. Samaira says the truth is she doesn’t have any place in Sarab’s life now and she just wanted his happiness always so she should go now but Harleen stops her. Harleen asks what proves that Seher is Sarab’s daughter and says she will make sure that Samaira’s marriage happens with Sarab.

Sarab asks Meher that why she separated Seher from him and asks her to return the five years he missed to live with his daughter. Meher starts to cough and he gets worried for her and says he will bring water for her. She asks him to listen her once. He says they have full life to talk to each other now and goes to bring water for her and says now no one can separate her from him. While crossing the road he meets with an accident and it’s Kulwant who was driving that truck. Meher shocks seeing Sarab’s condition and asks them to call ambulance.

Seher asks when their parents will return. Karan gets excited saying from now on they are going to live with their parents. Harleen thinks her heart is not accepting that Seher is Sarab’s daughter. Karan introduces Seher to Harleen. Seher praises Harleen and says she is fine now because Param saved her life. Harleen asks Seher about Kaul. Seher says Kaul is her favorite person and says what all he does for her. Harleen calls Sarab to talk to him about Seher but he didn’t pick the call and she tells Police to find out Sarab’s location. Meher takes Sarab to hospital.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher feels helpless seeing Sarab’s condition.

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