Choti Sardarni 28th November 2019 Written Update: Serbia police is informed that Meher is missing

Today’s episode begins with Kulwant, Jagga and Bittu going to embassy office and requesting the ambassador assistant to meet with ambassador immediately. The ambassador for Serbia asks what is the noise about and Kulwant, Jagga tries to explain in broken english about the trouble Meher is in and shows him the mail. The ambassador inform the Serbia police to check out and take appropriate action. Sarab removes Meher’s bangles as per Rasam. As Meher reminisces the moments of her marriage. After Sarab removes all her bangles Meher tells him after the rasam her hands should not be left plain. Sarab removes his chain and ties it to her hand.

Kulwant and his sons goes to Sarab’s house and screams at his family members. They are all confused by their behavior. Jagga shows the mail to Robby and they read it in shock. Alin says its impossible and a lie, did they try calling Meher. Bittu says she was crying and screaming in pain. Alin says she will call Sarab. Kulwant tells her she called him 100 times its not going through. She blame Sarab and accuse him of killing Meher. Bittu yells he will put this house on fire and kill everyone. Dolly tells she will check with her brother Jolly as they are staying with him in Serbia. Jagga too threatens them in anger. Dolly tells them Jolly said Sarab has taken Meher somewhere and Param is sleeping with him. Kulwant says see it must be his plan to kill Meher. Robby tells them he will try to call Sarab and steps alone. He calls his man in Serbia asking about Sarab and Meher’s whereabouts. The man informs Sarab has bought a new house and they are inside. Robby tells him to execute the plan as it’s the right time to strike.

Meher tells him after bangle removing rasam they usually eat sweets. She says its as if Param knows and left a chocolate here. They share a chocolate. Meher gives him Param’s breakfast schedule for the week and he reads it with amusement. She tells him to play Param’s favourite video game sound track to wake him up as he is not waking up easily lately. She tells him now he has to take care of everything. Sarab tell her before her, Alin and himself used to take care of Param now he don’t know how to handle. She says she don’t know how she spend her life without Param and he will always be her first son. She also gives him a paper asking to read it. There are few requests for him asking him not to be irritated all the time, stay away from spices, if possible forgive Robby and not marry a woman like Pam to be Param’s mother. She says get a mother who will love him more than herself. Sarab says he got him such a mother but she is leaving permanently. Meher folds hands and thanks him for everything he has done for her knowing thanks will not justify. Sarab wipes off her tears and tells her he will always be there for her if incase she needs something. He leaves.

Embassy inform Serbia police that an Indian girl is missing and gives Meher’s details. Meher realises Sarab left his phone and has taken hers when Jolly calls his phone. Someone from behind ask her to lift her hands. She turns to see masked men with pistols.

Precap –Meher is abducted. Police arrest Sarab and Param ask if he killed his Meher mumma