Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 28th November 2019: Komolika caughts Prerna

Episode starts with Komolika tries to drag Prerna. Anurag stops her and says Prerna won’t go, she will stay here, its enough now Komolika. Mohini asks Anurag to won’t believe Prerna, Anurag stops her and says She is my Prerna and I’m her Anurag and I trusts her which shocks Mohini and Komolika. Nivedita comes and asks them what happened. Mohini says Anurag is believing lies. Anurag says he remembers everything and nothing will happen to our baby Prerna. She gets happy.

Anurag questions How dare you Komolika for executing plans to hurt my wife and Kid. Anurag drags and throws out Komolika saying bad people don’t have any place in their house. Mohini and Nivedita tries to stop him. Than he lost his consciousness. Everyone gets worried and Sonalika asks them to call the doctor. Mohini says you killed my son. Nivedita and Sonalika also blames Prerna for Anurag death. Prerna gets shocked and comes out of her dream.

Shivani to asks Prerna to reveal Komolika truth to Anurag family. Prerna says no I can’t risk risk my Anurag life. While moving out of the venue Komolika caughts Prerna and takes her out. She questions why she came to engagement. Prerna says that’s my question. Komolika says I came for my friend engagement. Prerna says I know who you’re. Sonalika says what you know I’m Komolika not sweet Sonalika and why you take so much time to recognise me. Prerna says I’m shocked and how can you be so shameless.

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कसौटी जिंदगी की 28 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: कोमोलिका ओर प्रेरणा का टकराव !

Komolika says how someone saved her from river and how Ronit joined her in hospital and how much she felt sad when she first saw her face after her plastic surgery but than idea came to me that I can use this face and than I make plan to enter Anurag life and ruin your hapiness and to take revenge from everyone belongs to Basu family. Komolika says I love Anurag but if he do something wrong to me than I won’t leave him also and if you reveal my truth than it will have affect on his brain and than he will be dead. Shivani and Ronit enters the place.

Anurag searches for file and he calls Sonalika to know about the location of file. Komolika shows her Phobe to Prerna saying her love is calling. Komolika answers his call and talks with him romantically without answering his question about file. Anurag thinks what happened to her and why she behaving weirdly.
Komolika tries to leave saying now you know how much Anurag loves me.

Prerna stops her and says I won’t leave you after knowing your truth and I genuinely left Anurag life thinking you’re good but your face is out because you never made for eachother. Komolika says didn’t you see the call. Prerna says you talked romantically after cutting the call and I caught you. Komolika says my name is Komolika chaubay Basu.

Prerna shows her Mangalsutra and saying their marriage happened on Navratri and she have Mangalsutra unlike her and I’m Prerna Sharma Basu. Prerna says what you have Komolika! I have Anurag love, Mangalsutra and his bacha. Komolika says I won’t leave you.

Precap – Mohini asks Anurag to fill Sindhoor on Sonalika Maang and make her wear Mangalsutra Infront of everyone. Prerna gets tensed when Anurag is about to apply sindoor in Komolika Maang.