Choti Sardarrni 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Vikram becomes Manav to get Karan

Choti Sardarrni 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Param gets Karan’s custody paper and he struggles to read the name and asks Harleen to help him. Sarab takes the paper from him and says he will help him because Harleen is busy with office work.

Harleen goes to Sarab’s room to get her office documents. Param tells Sarab that remaining papers are in their room only. Sarab and Meher shocks hearing him. Karan starts to cry and Harleen calls Meher. Sarab and Meher comes there. Harleen asks Meher that why Karan is not wearing diaper. Meher says Karan was getting rashes that’s why.

Seema gets relieved seeing Aditi and asks what happened to her wrist. Aditi lies to her saying it happened because of Nurse mistake while performing surgery. Vikram recalls Sarab’s words. Seema tells him to not think so much and says he has to take her to temple today.

Patak asks Robbie that did he brought anything which is useful for him. Robbie shows the pen drive to him saying it has Meher’s life secret. Sarab helps Meher in folding clothes and says seems like she is taking winter clothes out. She stays silent and he motivates her saying God always helped them in difficult situations and same will happen this time too.

 Seema and Vikram reaches the temple and Seema was praying to God. Vikram recalls how Sarab told him that he will lose Karan’s custody case in court because he is Vikram for this world when Karan’s father name is Manav. He tells Seema that he wants to tell her something and tells her about Manav’s story.

Patak hears the recording from Robbie’s pen drive. He shocks knowing Karan’s biological father is Vikram not Sarab and praises Robbie for bringing this to him. He says he is ready to give more money for this. Robbie asks him to support him always. Meher says Karan will wear Param’s old sweater and she wants him to become like Sarab.

Vikram tells Seema that he has to become Manav to get justice for him. He thinks today he got his identity of Manav back and he is both Manav and Vikram from now on and he will get his Karan no matter what and no one can stop him because this time he is going to take his son as Manav. Sarab says Vikram can’t become Manav to get Karan and if he becomes Manav then what will happen to Seema and Aditi.

Meher says when Aditi got her duppata she tried to commit suicide and can’t even imagine what she will do if she gets to know the truth then. He says he won’t reveal Manav’s truth to anyone for Seema and he is sure of it because he cares for her so much.

Vikram recalls the moments he shared with Karan and does pooja. He asks Seema to bless him so he can win this fight. She says her blessings are always with him and blesses him. He prays to God and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram’s lawyer says they has to prove that Meher is not responsible mother.

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