Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Simran is pregnant

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Heer offers milk to Virat, she says they are going to start new life today, if he is happy. She sits on bed as a bride keeping ghungat. Virat feels sorry, he has to do this to protect Heer’s identity, he throws the glass. Heer asks why did he do this, she already told sorry.

Virat acts like drunk person, she asks if he had alcohol. He asks if he need to take her permission to drink, she forced him to take wedding vows, will she force him for suhaagraat too. Heer cries and calls him strange. She feels family shouldn’t know of their relationship. Virat feels he can’t fulfill her wish of becoming mother.

Simran hugs her boyfriend outside, she says they are meeting daily past 10 days, when is he gonna come to her house and talk to her parents. He says what’s hurry, first they should enjoy these secret meetings. Simran says he always thinks of fun.

Heer says she can’t trust Virat and makes him sleep and sits infront of door. Later Virat wakes up and lifts Heer and places her on bed. Heer wakes up in the morning and asks Virat to wake up. He asks if she slept in these clothes, she tells him to stop showing fake love and concern. She asks how did she  come on bed.

Heer listens to Simran talking to Arjun on phone. She says she won’t come to meet him outside, he only should come and meet her parents. Arjun says he already talked to his parents, they will see good day and come to talk about marriage. Simran says she will also come and meet him on good day. Arjun asks her to meet soon, otherwise he will break off their relation.

Simran feels emotional and asks him not to talk like that, she will do something and meet him. Heer comes and advices Simran to tell family about Arjun. If Arjun is good person, he himself would come to their home and talk. Simran taunts Heer also came through windows to meet Virat. She doesn’t want to hear relationship gyaan from Heer. Simran vomits and feels her periods are late.

Tejinder tells Shanoo that Kareena was about to tell Heer’s secret but got shot. Shanoo thinks to reveal truth, no body will get to know she revealed. Tejinder is like radio, she will make whole village know of Heer’s identity. Shanoo is telling that Heer is kinnar but Tejinder doesn’t hear it as speeding car races towards them, she moves Shanoo out of the way.

Tejinder is relieved as they are saved and goes away leaving secret.  Shanoo sees Preeto, Malika behind tree. Preeto asks won’t she ever learn, Shanoo asks what will she do, she can’t kill her. Preeto asks why is she going far, she won’t kill but do something more than that. Malika ties up Shanoo.

Parmeet asks Gurwinder where is Simran, Heer covers up saying she sent Simran to market for buying lipstick.

Simran sees her pregnancy kit result positive.

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