Choti Sarrdaarni 17th October 2019 Written Update: Meher leaves the house

Today’s episode starts with Jagga and Meher going to the bank and checks about the money transfer. Bank officer confirms that 3 days ago 25 crores has been transferred from Sarabjit’s account to her account and the next day a cheque was deposited and she has withdrawn everything in cash. Meher says there must have been a confusion and that she has not withdrawn any money. Bank officer reads out the cheque number and Meher finds that cheque leaf missing from her cheque book. Jagga scolds her for signing the blank cheques. Meher says only Sarabhji is aware that she signs blank cheques. Jagga says often politicians transfer money to their wife’s account for circulation. He says he is not implying that Sarabjit has transferred black money but its possible. Meher gets angry and suspicious at Sarab as she remembered him giving her the blank cheque. Jagga tells her to talk with Sarab and not fight. She leaves.

Yuvi pranks both Amrita and Jagga and tells them that the other person scolded them. They both realize their mistake. Jagga comes home and Amrita says sorry. Yuvi plays ‘mummy bolo bolo’ at the party and they all celebrate Jagga and Amrita’s wedding anniversary happily. Kulwant sees Bittu’s phone ringing and sees Jeeto’s name. Bittu answers the phone and says he will be there and leaves. Kulwant looks on angrily. Sarab asks where is Meher and Param says she has gone to the bank with Jagga Mama. Sarab’s lawyer advices him that they need Meher’s agreement sign that it was a gift and things will be sorted out. Sarab agrees.

Bittu and Jeeto celebrate Karva chouth and takes selfies. Jeeto asks him to send those photos and she will upload them on friend book. Bittu says his mother is on friend book and will be a problem. He appreciates and thanks Jeeto that inspite of knowing his mom has refused shagun she kept karva chauth fasting for his long life. They declare they love each other and hugs. Bittu asks where is her parents and she replies that they had gone to his house to attend anniversary function and also to talk about them. Bittu gets happy.

Meher tries calling Sarab and talks to herself that he is not picking up for long time. Just then Sarab comes in and his phone rings. Meher gets angry on him. Sarab says he knows that income tax people had interrogated her and that she should have atleast told him that she had withdrawn the money. Then they could have avoided IT issues. He says he don’t care she took 25 crores. Even if its 50 crores he wouldn’t have bothered but she should have told him before doing it. Meher gets angry and says now he is blaming this on her. She will not even take 50 rs from him much less 50 crores. She says why has he put his black money on her account. Sarab says it was not black money and it was she who had deposited not him.

Meher says if he thinks so low of her then she cant stay in this house. Sarab says ofcourse now that you have 25 crores why would you want to stay here. He signs one more blank cheque and gives her. Dolly comes in hearing their fighting. Sarab tells her that along with prenuptial agreement he had given a blank cheque to Meher and now she has encashed 25 crores from it. Dolly along with Preeti , Rovi get shocked.

Param gets upset listening to all this. Dolly tells Meher that she don’t have the status for even 25Rs and she stole 25 crores. She tells her to leave the house as there is no place in their house for a thief. Param says stealing is very wrong and he wont talk to her. Meher says she will not stay in a place where there is no respect for her. Preeti tries to stop her but Dolly scolds her. Meher packs her bag and leaves the house. She cries thinking about all the memories she had with Param.

Precap: Sarab checks the cctv footage of the house and finds Meher taking something. Dolly says even while leaving she has done something. Some rogues tease Meher seeing her walking along on the street with bags.