Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen to arrange Sarabjit and Samaira’s engagement

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen to arrange Sarabjit and Samaira’s engagement
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen to arrange Sarabjit and Samaira’s engagement

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing separation track of Sarabjit and Meher after 5 years of leap. Meher even got proven innocent but Dhillons refuse to accept court’s decision. The upcoming episodes to see Meher and Sarabjit’s short reunion and twist that will shake Meher’s life.

In the last episode, viewers watched Sarabjit and Karan returning to Gill Mansion. Meher decided to take Seher to Amritsar for her bone marrow transplant. Samaira came in front of Karan and the latter thought the former to be his mother.

In the episodes ahead, Samaira will be introduced as Sarabjit’s childhood friend. She will also be seen protecting Karan like a mother from Harleen’s scolding. Param will too return Gill Mansion with Kada Prasad. He will be seen as a doting big brother towards Karan. While brothers will spend some cute time together, Harleen, Sarabjit and Samira will also be seen spending good time together.

Meher will be seen on the way to Amritsar with Seher and Mr. Kaul. On the other side Kulwant and Yuvi will be seen angry with no information or news of Sarabjit and Karan’s death. She will order Ranna and Bittu to collect information of what is going on in Gill house and to keep an eye on Karan and Sarabjit.

At Gills, Harleen will shock Sarabjit by showing Meher’s pictures with Mr. Kaul. She will tell Sarabjit that Meher has moved on and he too should move on. She will further ask him to get married to Samaira who is waiting for him since years. Harleen will give Sarabjit her sway but Samaira will interrupt her asking Sarabjit to take his time.

Sarabjit will breakdown and go to kids room, where he will see Karan happy to get Samaira. He will try to scold and explain Karan that Samaira is not his mother, but Param will interrupt him and say that he is ready to accept Samaira as his mother if Karan is happy with her. Param thinks Meher is no more. Next day Gill mansion will be seen decorated for Sarabjit and Samaira’s engagement. Robbie will come with wedding card and ask Harleen to think once more.

We already informed you in our earlier reports about the new promo, which shows Meher and Sarabjit’s emotional meet and Sarabjit horrific accident. Therefore upcoming episodes will be very emotional ones. According to sources, Meher will reach Gill Mansion for Seher’s sake, Harleen may not accept Meher back, Sarabjit may suffer Memory loss and Seher may go into coma.

Well, it would be interesting to see how Sarabjit, Param and Harleen will react on Meher’s return? Is Kulwant behind Sarabjit’s horrific accident? How will Meher handle Sarabjit’s accident, her kids and Seher’s treatment? Will Sarabjit survive?

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