Choti Sarrdarrni 13th August 2020 Written Update: Sarab gets emotional

Choti Sarrdarrni 13th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with a policeman informs everyone that Vikram is coming and he needs to clean the entire police station. Everyone starts working in a hurry. Amrita is worried about what will happen now as Kulwant has attacked the senior officer. Meher says that she should ask Kulwant. Kulwant wants to tell Mehar about Manav but then she stay silent and then starts talking strangely. Meher tells Amrit that if this continues, the police will send her to the mental asylum.

Amrita says that she has done all this for Meher because she loves Meher a lot and also worries about Sarab. Amrita tells how Kulwant got worried after hearing about scam and did all this. Meher says that all this increases problems for Sarab. Amrita says that she is right but Kulwant is a mother and after seeing her children in trouble she did all this. Amrita asks Meher to tell this thing to Sarab. But Meher refuses and says she will tell in the morning.

Sarab’s wakeups and opens his eyes and sees that Meher is not around. But then he start working and thinks that Meher should be in the bathroom. Sarab checks his files. Sarab thinks tomorrow everything will be alright.

There Vikram say that he will now make a big threat. Kulwant asks Mehar to rescue her at the police station. Amrita tells the policemen that Kulwant’s health is not good and let her stay with us. Vikram calls Nandini to give a breaking news which can be used in the morning. But before he tells the news, Vikram gets a call from the policeman and he puts Nandini’s phone on hold and talks to him. Inspector tells him that Kulwant is doing a lot of spectacle. Vikram asks him to handle the situation.

Amrita asks Meher to call Sarab. Meher thinks she can’t bother Sarab and tells the policeman that she wants to talk with Vikram. The policeman gives her phone. Mehar talks to Vikram and Vikram is shocked to hear Meher’s voice. Further, Vikram ask who is she? Meher introduces herself. Vikram says that the mistake her mother has made will be telecast in the news tomorrow. Meher says he can do as he wants to. But she wants to tell him that yesterday her mother fell off from the roof, due to which she is talking strange things. Meher says if he is not believe her then he can investigate. Meher says that her mother’s mental condition is not good, due to which she did such an act and it is not related to Sarab’s case. Meher then gives the phone to the policeman, after saying her point.

After a while Sarab learns that Meher is not at home. Then Meher is returning home and enters the house. Sarab calls Meher and then he finds her in front of God where Meher has been praying for Sarab. Sarab gets emotional on seeing this. Meher remembers how Vikram sent Kulwant to the hospital after listening to her. And how she saved Sarab’s name from being spoiled. Meher prays that Sarab gets all the happiness and all the troubles from his life go away. Sarab then goes to Meher and thanks God because they sent Mehar for him. Who cares for him so much Meher is about to tell him the truth but Sarab asks her to rest. Meher thinks she will tell Sarab everything in the morning and falls asleep. While Vikram is thinking about Mehar.