Choti Sarrdarrni 3rd August 2020 Written Update: Kulwant destroys Manav’s case file

Choti Sarrdarrni 3rd August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meher greeting Aditi. Param hides behind Meher glaring Aditi. Aditi gets him to talk by playing tricks with him. Meher finds Sarabjit busy on phone and feels something is wrong. She asks Sarabjit about it but he once again said covers it. Meher forces him to say but Param diverts her attention. She asks Sarabjit once again what happened. Param gives remote to Aditi and Aditi keeps news channel. Before Meher could notice it she’s taken away for injection by nurse and Sarabjit switches off the phone. Sarabjit asks Param to play something else instead of watching television. He takes Param away. Meher chats with Aditi.

Ginni is fuming over Kulwant for beating her in front of so many people. Rane tries calming her but she’s not ready to calm down. She says that she’s going to file complaint about Kulwant. Rane pleads her to not do so but Ginni demands 1 crore to keep her mouth shut. Kulwant fumes hearing it and says she’ll not give. Aditi finds Sarabjit tensed and smirks seeing it while Meher chats with Aditi. Param takes Aditi’s inhaler for playing and goes with maid but none notices it. Kulwant gives 1 crore to Ginni and Ginni gets happy. The other two fumes seeing it. Bittu asks why did she give the money to her. Kulwant says that she knows to get it back but as of now her prime concern is to get the case file of Manav. A person comes and gives Manav’s case file. Kulwant happily burns the file.

Param places the Inhaler pump in his blocks toy while the maid is busy. Meher shows album to Aditi and Aditi spots her mother. She asks about her but none seems to know about her and gets hurt. Meher asks about her family but Aditi says that she’s an orphan. Sarabjit asks her to never say so and says from today he’s her brother while Harleen is her big sister. He asks her to say that she belongs to this family without hesitation.

Yuvi mocks Ginni and Kulwant supports him. Rane fumes hearing it but Kulwant sends him away taunting. Sarabjit calls minister who expresses his trust on him. He says that the media is creating mess out of the issue and asks him not to worry. He says about popular Delhi investigation office Vikram Deewan. He says that he’s approaching his house and says he’s like fire who solves cases in 24 hours. Vikram Deewan is shown and he’s revealed to be Manav. Meher hears his name. Minister asks him to handle it well and cuts the call. Meher asks who’s Vikram Deewan.

Precap : Vikram Deewan arrests Sarabjit”s secretary for bribing him. Vikram and Sarabjit at loggerheads.