Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th August 2020 Written Update: Ridhima finds the pen drive containing evidences against Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima getting worried thinking that Vansh shouldn’t get Kabir’s message which is on the chit that fell near him. Ridhima goes near Vansh and hides the chit with her gown pretending to talk with Anupriya. On the other hand, Angre is looking for Shera, the pen drive with evidences against Vansh. Dadi asks the family to dance and sing. Ridhima starts dancing a bit. Vansh stares at her. Meanwhile Angre gets frustrated since Shera is nowhere to be found. Vansh keeps his eyes on Ridhima. The latter thinks that she has to get Shera from garbage before it gets cleaned. Angre looks for Shera also in Ridhima’s room but doesn’t find it. Vansh looks at Ridhima smiling. Aryan tells Ishani that it’s unbelievable how Vansh chose a staff member as wife.

Ridhima finds the opportunity to rush outside but a voice stops her. Inside the house, Vansh wonders who can take Shera. He recalls Ridhima burning her hand and Anupriya saying that it is inauspicious not to put mehendi on hands on mehendi day. He says that he knows who can do this work.

Ridhima asks Aryan what he is doing outside. Aryan asks Ridhima what she is doing outside leaving her mehendi function. He asks if she is trying to run away. Ridhima makes excuse that she was feeling uneasy inside. Aryan asks why she is huffing then. He reminds her that Vansh is keeping an eye on her so running away is impossible. He leaves after calling her “Bhabhi”.

Ridhima starts looking for the pen drive in the garbage. Vansh comes outside and calls Mrs Dsouza seeing the garbage shattered on the ground. He scolds her and asks to clean. Ridhima is not there but Vansh notices mehendi on the dustbin. He understands that someone who has applied mehendi on her hands tried finding something in the dustbin. He says that it must be one whose mehendi got ruined. Angre comes and tells him that Ridhima is dancing with others inside. Vansh says that the way Ridhima is showing herself is just an illusion and is ready to say sayonara to Ridhima if her mehendi got ruined.

Vansh goes inside and sees Ridhima, Anupriya, Siya and Chanchal dancing. He asks them to show hands while he will take a picture so that he can see their mehendi. The girls poses like he said. Vansh notices that Ridhima’s mehendi is ruined and thinks that she was near the garbage but then notices that everybody’s mehendi has been spoilt. Siya asks him to click fast. Vansh clicks the pictures and wonders how everybody’s mehendi got ruined. Ridhima smirks and recalls overhearing Vansh when he was outside so she had gone inside and asked everybody to follow her step. She moved her hands in such a way the mehendi got ruined. Ridhima thinks that Vansh is smart but this time she was ready too. She recalls finding Shera in the garbage.

Dadi asks Ridhima to show mehendi and seeing that it got ruined, she asks her not to worry as it is very coloured so it means that there won’t be lack of love in their relation. Ridhima thinks that now that she has Shera, Vansh will get destroyed. Dadi says that Vansh will love her a lot. Ridhima thinks that only Kabir has right on her.

In the police office, Kabir looks at Ridhima’s picture and says that Vansh has tried snatching Ridhima from him but he will go to her and stop the wedding which cannot happen at any cost. He says that Vansh Raisinghania made his biggest and last mistake by trying to snatch Ridhima from him.

At night, Vansh rotates a wheel which has Ridhima, Aryan, Ishani, Chanchal, Rudra and Chitwan’s pictures on it. He looks at Ridhima’s photo. Angre says that he looked everywhere but Shera is nowhere. Vansh says that it is one of them who is wearing a mask to hide himself/herself.

On the other hand, Kabir tells his agent that they will break into Vansh’s property with military force on wedding day and when wedding preparation will be going on, he will look for evidences against Vansh in the house. Mishra says that entering in Vansh’s mansion without his consent is impossible but Kabir replies that there is nothing impossible.

Ridhima had hidden Shera in the bandage surrounding her burnt hand and takes it out once she is alone in her room. She understands that it is a pen drive and it contains all evidences against Vansh. She gets happy and looks at the “V” on her hand. She says that love cannot be forceful and even if he has written “V” on her hand, Kabir will make her wear vermillion. She says that she will complete her mission tomorrow and then will celebrate her victory with Kabir by punishing Vansh for all his deeds.

In the morning, when Ridhima is sleeping, Vansh angrily breaks into her room and wakes her up shouting where Shera is. Ridhima tries to make excuse but he warns her not to be oversmart. Ridhima hides her face with a pillow and just then Vansh sees Shera below it. Vansh says that he will burn the innocent face with which she was betraying him and lights up a lighter in front of her face.

However, it was again Ridhima’s dream only. Ridhima wakes up and sees that Shera is just under her cushion. She tries to put it inside the bandage again but just then Ishani comes and asks her what she is doing. Ridhima gets scared. Ishani says that she must be the one getting scared by her as she did a kind of black magic on the family. She tells Ridhima that Dadi is calling her for haldi function.

After a while, Ridhima comes downstairs thinking that she has to make Shera reach to Kabir by evening. Dadi says that she shall change her bandage. Ridhima says that she will change it while changing her clothes later. Vansh comes and says that he can change the bandage. Ridhima looks at him widening her eyes.

Episode ends