Choti Sarrdarrni 8th August 2020 Written Update: Vikram crashes Sarab’s press conference

Choti Sarrdarrni 8th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarabjit leaving for the conference. Harleen and Robbie wishes for everything to go well and people gets believed that Sarab is not at fault. Meher is taking care of Kulwant when Kulwant utters that Manav is back. Meher gets shocked hearing it and Kulwant keeps uttering the same. Sarab scolds Tarkash when he said the file that could prove his innocence has gone missing. Sarabjit lashes out at him and asks now what will he provide in press conference to make people believe him. He asks him to get the file ready again. Aditi leaves checking on Kulwant who has once again fell unconscious. She asks Meher to not worry and asks her to call if she wakes up again. Meher finds notifications about Kulwant’s death. She understands that it poses as a threat for Sarab framing him to be a cheater. She posts in punjab official site clearing the mess. Param puts Karan to sleep singing lullaby for him.

The conference starts and everyone stars throwing random questions accusing Sarab. Sarab struggles answering when he’s accused of using Kulwant for garnering sympathy. Meher texts Sarab about posting the real news on Punjab portal. Sarab shows the news to media and they gets surprised. Meher is also watching the conference. Vikram decides to crash the conference and comes online. Meher is also watching but his face was not shown due to network error. Vikram calls Sarab asking him for proofs to prove his innocence.

Sarab challenges to get all the proofs by tomorrow morning 11 am. While they were in conversation Meher gets busy in Param’s call. She fails hearing their conversation. Sarab ends the conference and calls his men. He orders them to get the documents ready by 11 am and they agree. He calls Meher and thanks her for saving him. Meher says that when they are together they can’t fight any problem. She says about Param calling her and Karan is alone at home. Sarab says that he will look after it.

Sarab comes home and finds Param finger in his lips. He asks what he wants to hide and Param says that Meher mumma said that he’s not capable of doing household chores. Sarab imagines Meher teasing him and decides to take care of the household and orders servant to do the other works. He does work with difficulty. Meher leaves to get water when Kulwant wakes up and spots Manav through window.

Precap : Kulwant sees Vikram and Meher coming together and blames them for planning to kill her.