LIVE UPDATE:- Naagin Grand Finale 8th August 2020 Written Update: Vishakha takes Brinda’s aspect and kills Parekh family

Naagin Grand Finale 8th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ketaki asking which number of vow is Hardik taking. Rasik tells him that it’s the fourth one. Milly sees Dev and asks if he is going to take Brinda. Just then Brinda’s voice is heard as she asks Dev why he is going upstairs. Dev looks around. Vrushali asks what is happening. Brinda says that they shall use their brain and think where he is. She is the bride taking vow with Hardik. She takes off the gungath shocking everyone. Ketaki asks how she dares doing this. Brinda says that the 7th vow is yet to happen so unfortunately she is still Dev’s wife.

Dev rushes towards Hardik to save him but the family stops him and Brinda says it’s too late. She grabs Hardik by his neck. He asks others to save him. Brinda asks from whom. She says not from a girl, not from a woman but from Naagin. She transforms half into Naagin and surrounds Hardik with her tail. She asks the bride’s family to take their daughter from room where she is there fainted and then leave. They rush away from there.

Rasik and Iravati ask her to let them go too as she knows them. Brinda says that she knows them well and that is why she is taking revenge. Vrushali says that she gave roof under which her family could stay there. Brinda calls her betrayer and reminds her how they killed her whole family and took their mansion and business. Dev doesn’t believe her. Brinda tells Iravati that she killed her husband Madhav already and also Harsh even though he didn’t even touch her family but he, with the other young boys of Parekh family, killed her sister Nayantara. Shalakha looks on. Dev calls her liar but Brinda says that Harsh and others tried to rape her too. She bites Harsh killing him to avenge her sister who was even dearer than her own real daughter to Manyeta. Ketaki cries for Harsh.

Dev threatens to kill Brinda but she says that he can’t kill her and she should have been the one to kill him earlier instead of just hurting her. She grabs Dev with her tail and beats him on the floor. She then attacks Rasik, Ketaki and Iravati. Vrushali tries to escape from house but Brinda uses her powers to shut the door from distance.

Dev gets up and tries to attack Vansh hitting her with vase but she hits him back with tail. Rasik tries to get up but Brinda kills him biting him. Ketaki hides and asks her to spare him. She begs him saying that she did nothing. Brinda says that her father must have begged them like this only but they didn’t spare him. She kills her too. Vrushali shouts Ketaki’s name crying. Milly cries for her parents.

Madhav points gun at Brinda but she hits him and kills him too. Brinda asks who shall be the next one. Vrushali throws a circle of leaves that weakens Naagins’ powers towards Brinda who disappears. Vrushali and others wonder where she has gone and just then she appears again asking who shall be the next one. She grabs Shalakha with tail but then releases her. She says that she knows she is Nayanta and she wants to kill her but can’t because she was dearer than her own daughter for Manyeta. She asks her to leave immediately and never turn back. Vrushali asks Shalakha not to leave but she goes away.

After Shalakha is gone, Brinda surrounds Vrushali with the leaves that she had thrown on her and throws oil on them. She puts fire on them. Vrushali cries. Iravati tries to help her but Brinda kills her and then kills Vrushali too.

Only Geetanjali and Milly are left there and they ask her to spare them. Milly says that she even helped her. Brinda glares at them.

On the other hand, real Brinda is actually still in room unconscious. She opens her eyes and recalls Dev hitting her. She says that she has to focus on her revenge but just then she finds pages of book from temple. She recognizes that they are the same Swara had in her hands. She reads that Dev has naagmani and wonders why he didn’t kill her if he had naagmani.

Downstairs, the other Brinda kills Geetanjali and Milly. She is actually Vishakha. She looks at Dev and says that he won’t die yet as she has still something to do with him. She goes towards Dev and bites him.

Brinda reads the papers and gets to know that Dev wasn’t doing anything willingly but Shalakha was using evil powers to control his actions taking soul from him. She cries realizing that Dev was innocent and not like the rest of his family.

Brinda rushes downstairs and sees Vishakha who is about to leave. She stops her. Vishakha looks at her and asks her to look around. She says that she took her revenge because she was getting bored waiting for her to complete it. Brinda is shocked to see that Vishakha killed the whole Parekh family. She asks why she did it. She is devastated seeing that Geetanjali and Milly were killed too. She asks why she did it when these two were innocent. Vishakha says that she isn’t kind like her. She tells her that she killed the family but not with her face. She transforms into Brinda and reveals her to that she killed everyone in front of Dev’s family with her aspect. Brinda is shocked. Vishakha tells her that she has left two bites on Dev’s neck and the effect will be visible after a while. She says that she has to get naagmani from Dev’s body so she should come in the Laal Tekdi Mandir at 7pm before the moon turns red with Dev otherwise he will die. She also reveals Brinda that she was the one who killed Manyeta and not Dev. Brinda says that she knows that and she also knows that she is a Naagin with two faces. Vishakha says that she finally got that but she couldn’t save Manyeta nor Swara who wasn’t killed by her but Dev only. Brinda replies that Dev wasn’t conscious when she did that. She wants to kill Vishakha but the latter reminds her that if she kills her then also Dev will die and asks her to come to the temple on time since she has no other way.

Dev gets conscious. He gets up and sees his mother lying unconscious. He goes to her and cries shouting “Maa”. He sees Rasik and Ketaki dead too and rushes to them. Realizing that whole his family is no more, he breaks down on her knees. Just then he sees Brinda coming there. He rushes to her and grabs her neck saying that he will kill her. Brinda asks him to trust her as she didn’t do all this. She also makes him notice that the dresses the murderer was wearing is different than the one she is wearing right now but Dev doesn’t believe her and says that she might have used some magic as she is a Naagin. Brinda tries to convince him about her innocence but in vain. Dev is enraged and because of his anger, naagmani shines on his forehead. Brinda brings mirror and shows it to Dev saying that the murderer killed his family and not him yet because he has naagmani. However, Dev isn’t able to see naagmani through mirror and throws it away shouting that he doesn’t want to see anything and the only thing he wants is her to kill him. He starts feeling a terrible headache. Brinda rushes to him.

On the other hand, Vishakha meets Shalakha and they count all the favours they did to each other concluding that they are equal now. Shalakha laughs. Vishakha asks her to stop. Shalakha says that she cried a lot because of Brinda so now she shall let her laugh. She says that now she can get Dev and the naagmani. Vishakha asks her to hold on as tandav has to happen yet.

Meanwhile, Dev pushes Brinda away but she glares at him and then grabs him pinning him against the wall. She says that if she wanted naagmani she would have already killed him but she doesn’t want it. She asks him to go to the temple with her as they have only one hour left and after that he can kill her or send her to jail. Dev accepts but says that he hasn’t forgiven her yet.

Brinda is shown in a strange place. Bells are ringing and rumour of shankh is heard while lots of leaves fly with wind around Brinda who wonders what place it is. She notices that moon is turning red.

Episode ends

Precap: Brinda says that they are coming as a Naagin (played by Hina Khan) steps towards her. Shesha, Bela and the new Naagin unite and the latter says that the only way to save Dev is to do tandav. They do tandav. The new Naagin tells Brinda that the story of destructions dates ten thousands years back when Shiv Ji had not given Naagins the power to turn into human beings. Cheel entry is shown.