“Colors TV’s ‘Pracchand Ashok’ Faces Backlash: Netizens Unimpressed with Dialogue, Acting, and Promos”

By Gossips Tv : Colors TV’s much-anticipated show “Pracchand Ashok” is making headlines for all the wrong reasons even before its premiere. The historical saga, produced by Ekta Kapoor and featuring Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh, has become a subject of controversy and mockery within the online community.

Netizens have voiced their discontent, particularly targeting Adnan Khan’s dialogue delivery. Critics claim that his portrayal of Ashok Samrat is marred by poorly written lines and an odd pronunciation of Urdu words in the promos. Many argue that his delivery makes him resemble more of a Mughal Emperor than the legendary Ashok.


Mallika Singh, known for her stellar performance in Star Bharat’s “Radha Krishn,” is also under scrutiny. Netizens suggest that she seems stuck in her previous role as Devi Radha, failing to convincingly transition into the character of Ashok’s love interest.

The acting in the promos, according to the online community, falls flat and has become a source of laughter rather than anticipation. Critics highlight a lack of depth and intensity in the performances, contributing to the negative buzz surrounding the show.

Furthermore, accusations of inadequate research by Ekta Kapoor and her team have surfaced, pointing out loopholes in the promos and a lack of clarity regarding various aspects of the series.

Despite the criticism, the audience remains curious about the fate of “Pracchand Ashok.” Only time will tell if the show manages to overcome the controversy and capture the hearts of viewers when it premieres in the coveted 10 pm slot next week.