Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update: Khushi used RV in the past

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with RV saying to Khushi what she used to mean to him in the past. RV says to Khushi now her sister is with him and she will see what he can do. Khushi says to RV that her sister means everything to her and she will not allow anything happen to her. RV comments on Khushi.

Khushi asks RV how can he marry Khushi after what happened in between them. RV says to Khushi that nothing happened in between them and says her emotions are just fake. RV asks Khushi how could she accept his marriage proposal and later leave him like that. RV asks Khushi why did she torture his family. Khushi asks RV what wrong did she do. RV asks Khushi if she doesn’t remember anything. Khushi tries to leave. RV says to Khushi that if she answers him he might leave Purvi.

Visakha says to Ashok that if anything happens to Khushi she will not leave anyone and she will also not leave Purvi. Ashok asks Visakha what is Purvi’s fault in it. Visakha reminds Ashok that Jasbir entered into their lives due to Purvi. Purvi says to Visakha that what she is saying is right. Prachi asks Purvi not to blame herself and says it is Jasbir’s fault not her. The inspector comes to Tandon family and reveal to Tandon family that they found the person who abducted Khushi and says it is man named Satyendra and says they will also find Khushi soon and asks them not to worry.

Khushi asks RV what answers does she want. RV answers Khushi what does she want. RV comments on Khushi and reminds Khushi how he felt her when she saw her.

It is shown RV gets mesmerised with Khushi when he meets her for the first time. RV’s boss introduces Khushi to RV as the new intern in the company.

RV asks Khushi to ask him if she needs anything. Khushi agrees.

RV also reminds Khushi that when she made a mistake he took all the blame for her fault and reminds Khushi how the boss scolded her.

It is shown Khushi later gets lunch for RV. RV says to Khushi that after that they got close and they had feelings for each other.

RV reminds Khushi how she accepted his marriage proposal in the temple. It is shown RV gifts an artificial ring to Khushi as he was poor at that time. Khushi accepts his ring.

RV says to Khushi that he was a fool to believe her. Khushi says she thought he would have left the city after what happened. RV says he was keeping an eye on her from the last 1 year. RV says to Khushi that he hired a detective named Satyendra to keep an eye on her and he also asked her to find out who she loves the most. RV says the detective did a really good job. Khushi says she can’t believe that he will do all of this. RV shows around and says this is his proof. RV also reveals that he was the one who abducted her from the Mandap.

It is shown Khushi joined Armaan’s company as a model. RV comes to Armaan’s company. He sees someone misbehaving with Khushi so he gets into a fight with him.

RV comments on Khushi as she left him and ran away when those people were beating him up. RV says to Khushi that he understood she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. RV comments on Khushi as she was eyeing Armaan and his money when she joined that company.

The police capture Satyendra.

Rv reminds Khushi what happened on their wedding day. It is shown on his wedding day RV comes to Khushi and praises her. Khushi says she will come to the Mandap in a minute. RV accuses her of calling Armaan and informing him that he molested her.

Episode ends.

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