Dabangii 10th November 2023 Written Update: Satya fails to find Chaya

Dabangii 10th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jaanrao and Satya’s men searching for Arya and Chaya. Chaya sees Jaanrao is close to Arya so she throws a brick to the side. Jaanrao seeing the brick asks Satya’s men to search here saying they are right here.


Ankush comes to the Vadapav location and asks what happened there. The constable says nothing happened here.

Arya lights firecrackers. Tanmay thinks someone is firing bullets and shouts for help. Jaanrao comes and says they are just firecrackers. Arya takes Chaya and leaves from there.

Jaanrao says to Satya that they are about to catch Damini but Tanmay shouts for help so they come here. Satya says to Jaanrao that he made a mistake bringing him here and he is regretting giving his name to him.

Ankush asks Satya if he found her. Satya says no but he is sure that he is searching at the right place. Ankush warns Satya to stay away from Damini and if not he will shoot him. Jaanrao comments on Ankush.

Arya reminds Chaya how she saved her. Chaya asks Arya to listen to her sometimes. Arya comments on Chaya.

Kasturi treats Tanmay’s wounds and admonishes Tanmay as she asks him not to go but he still went and came like this. Tanmay says to Kasturi that Satya regrets giving his name to Tanmay. Tanmay asks Kastiuri if Satya will throw him out of the house. Kasturi asks Tanmay not to worry and says they will cheer up Satya as tomorrow is Ganesh Nimarjan.

Chaya hears Arya’s stomach’s rumbling in hunger. Chaya says she will go and get food. Arya asks Chaya to sing a lullaby so that she can go to sleep. Chaya agrees and sings a lullaby to Arya.

The next day, Avdabai sees Satya returning home empty-handed. Avdabai asks Satya not to worry and says they will find her grandson and his son soon and reminds that he is now Babu Saheb. Avdabai says today he should give Aarthi to Bappa.

Kasturi tries to flirt with Satya. Satya says to Kasturi not today as her son already upset him. Kasturi takes Satya’s blessings. Kasturi says she is doing a fast so that he will find Damini and his son.

Ankush says to his father that he hasn’t found Damini but Satya also hasn’t found her. Ankush assures his father that he will find Damini before Satya.

Bela and Sai get ready to go to Satya’s house for Ganapathi Aarthi. Ankush’s father asks Ankush to allow them to go. Ankush agrees.

Chaya wakes up Arya and says to Arya that they are going to Mumbai and says she can meet Boss Bappa and her father in Mumbai.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya is shown to be giving Aarthi to Bappa. Satya comes to Chaya and asks Chaya where is his son. Chaya says he is dead. Satya shoots Chaya hearing this. Ankush runs towards Chaya.

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