Dil Diyaan Gallaan 6th January 2023 Written Update: Sanjot recalls the past

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 6th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dilpreet warning the villagers to leave immediately and they leave. Kushwant taunts Dilpreet saying his son Maan will never come back home. He pushes away the scarecrow of Maan in anger. He adds Dilpreet shouldn’t have become a father of such son who left them alone in old age. He laughs at their situation and leaves. Sanjot picks up the scarecrow and gets emotional. Dilpreet recalls Kushwant’s words about Maan and rushes towards terrace. Everyone follows him and Sanjot asks him what does he want to do? Dilpreet says he made a mistake by building the huge water tank. He regrets for that and he is about to hit the water tank but Amrita imagines Maan is stopping him. He scolds Maan for sending money in his account. He pushes away Maan and Amrita saves her father from falling. She faces Dilpreet saying why does the latter always misunderstands her father. He didn’t listen to Maan years ago before throwing him out. Dilpreet asks Amrita if she is Maan’s daughter. Amrita says yes and Dilpreet asks her to get out of his house with her father and they should never come back.

Her dream ends when Dilpreet keeps hitting the water tank. Sanjot and Veer stop him saying why is he taking out his anger on the tank. Dilpreet scolds Sanjot for still having hopes for Maan. He curses Dilpreet for not coming back and says he lost all hope about his worthless son and Kushwant was right about him. Dilpreet breaks the tank and vents out his frustration. Amrita can’t take that anymore and she goes to her room. She leaves the house with her luggage and recalls Maan’s words that Dilpreet didn’t give him chance to explain.

Veer stops Dilpreet and the latter gets hurt while hitting the tank. Veer takes him inside. Amrita tries to book a taxi and then she bumps into Randeep. Randeep asks her if she is alright. Dilpreet says his upbringing is worse and he feels ashamed of that. Veer says he made the fake papers of the land and Maan is not responsible for that. Dilpreet tells him to not take the blame upon himself. He blames Maan saying he won’t even take Maan’s favour on his own funeral.

Ria takes Veer aside and tells him why he stopped Amrita from leaving. She is the reason of all the stress. She gave him the idea of gold soil and he made the fake papers. Veer says he stopped her for a reason and he doesn’t want to discuss about it anymore. Sanjot recalls the past when Dilpreet throws Maan out of the house. Sanjot requests Dilpreet to stop Maan what if they never get to see Maan again. Dilpreet objects and he gets a heart attack. He gets admitted to the hospital and fights to live. Dilpreet becomes stable and takes Sanjot’s name repeatedly. He says Maan disappointed them by marrying a foreigner and he tells Sanjot to promise him that she won’t go to Maan again else she will lose her husband. Dilpreet struggles to breath and Randeep forces Sanjot to make the promise. Sanjot does that with heavy heart to not see her son Maan again. Dilpreet becomes alright.

Precap- Sanjot shares her pain with Veer and the latter says he will bring back Maan and will unite mother and son.

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