Divya Drishti 8th December 2019 written update: The marriage talks of Divya are going on with Vicky

Episode begins with the friend of Rakshit, Vikrant goes into the jungle and transformed into a beast. He is roaming in the jungle and Divya and Drishti gets to hear the sound of something so dangerous and they went to check who is the person or from where the sound is coming? They went to the jungle and again gets to hear the sound but couldn’t understand from where it is coming. Another side, Vikrant who is an animal is just standing behind them in the jungle.

They go back to the house to check if that animal entered there or not but instead of a shadow it didn’t find anything in the house as well. In the house, they didn’t find anyone. In the morning, both the sisters went out to search the cave they saw in the vision last night. They arrive in front of the cave but didn’t find anybody there. The try to open the door of the cave but realised that they will need another two persons whose hand matches with signs on the wall to open the door. The came back home while in the home that talks regarding the marriage of Divya is going on.

Mahima had a talk with Vicky and he pretends in front of her to like Divya so much and she is that he exactly wants a replica of Drishti. Mahima ask Rakshit to have a talk with both the sisters and if they agreed that they will proceed with the marriage proceedings.

Divya and drashti are discussing with each other. Divya says she is not ready for marriage and Drishti says that he is unknown to us and you shouldn’t marry him like that. rakshith says I know him from his childhood days as we are friends and he is a very nice person. Rakshit goes on and says he is exactly like what we are looking for in a guy for Divya. Rakshit and Drishti had an argument with each other regarding this. Drishti says if your friend likes my sister he should have approached her first instead of directly talking to the family regarding marriage. Rakshit says Vicky talked to my mom first because she is the elder person of the house and I feel he is romantic and Divya will be happy with him. Drishti says this is not how the marriage to be done.

Shekhar on the other side is disturbed with all the revelations he discovered about himself last night. He thinks he needs to discuss all these with someone and the first person that he thinks of is Divya. He is going to have a talk with Divya, Mahima asked him to make the way for the marriage with Vicky. Shekhar gets disheartened but he keeps mum. he goes to Divya and asks her for marriage and she says yes thinking that he is asking for himself. Shekhar says you already made your mind to marry Vicky? Divya gets disheartened and she asked him would you like to see me getting married to someone else? Shekhar says what difference it will make with my liking and disliking as everybody in the house once you to marry Vicky. Divya says I don’t care about anybody else but you tell me what you want? Shekhar says I am not different from family and if everyone wants you to marry Vicky then you should go ahead.

Precap : Shekhar noticed footsteps of an animal in the house, Divya says yes for marriage with Vicky.