June 19, 2019
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Divya Drishti: Drishti to challenge Divyachini

As reported earlier, Divya and Drishti kills Pisachini but she returned back and take over Divya’s body, claiming Pisachini never dies but grows stronger with the time.

In the episodes, Divya floats in front of Shekhar and screams for help. Divya asks Shekhar not to mess with her. Shekhar says he is in partner with Pisachini and asks her to follow his orders. Otherside, Drishti looks for light and screams for help. Rakshit searches for Drishti. Rakshit worries for Drishti was looks for her. He doubts Drishti is in trouble. Drishti continues to scream and asks for help. She sees some person and asks for help.

An unknown person helped Drishti. Man jumps into the fire and carries her out. He left Drishti at the mid of the jungle. Rakshit finds Drishti and takes her away with him. He dresses Drishti’s wounds. Drishti thinks about the man who saved her from the fire. Later, Drishti and Rakshit come for the Pooja. Drishti says she will do Pooja. She thinks this is the only way to find out who has Pisachini power.

Now in the upcoming episode, will see Drishti will learn a shocking truth. She will come to know that Divya’s body is taken over by Pisachini. Divyachini and Drishti will have a face-off. Divyachini will say to Drishti that she has taken half power from Divya and very soon she will take powers from Drishti and will end up killing her. Drishti challenges Divyachini that her life can’t be ended till she will bring her sister back. Pisachini will say from now her sister identity and name will be known as Divyachini.

What next happens in Divya Drishti will be interesting to watch.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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