Krishn to save people of Barsana in RadhaKrishn

Star Bharat show will soon witness high voltage drama with Krishn on his little finger lifting up Govardhan Parvat to save the villagers from Indra’s anger.

So far in the episode, krishn and Radha is spending some quality time together. Radha and Krishn shares a romantic eyelock when at the same time Kirtida and Yashoda sees them. Yashoda and Kirtida decide to talk with their husbands for Krishn and Radha’s wedding. Otherside, Kans invites Indra Dev and speaks about the intensions of Barsana people. Kans tries to manipulate him by highlighting how people disrespected him. Indra refuses to believe him and belived that Ugrapath n his ancestors were his true devotees and his future generations too will follow the same.

Here, entire village prepares for Govardhan Parvat Pooja. Radha prepares a huge garland for the Pooja. Ugrapath advices the entire village to do the Pooja with true devotion for Indra Dev and do not make fun of Pooja.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Pooja will begin and no sooner Ugrapath begins the havan, Kans people Jatila and Ayan throws some unwanted material that will interrupt the Pooja. Indra Dev will get annoyed and he will demand for animal sacrifice to complete his rituals. However, a reluctant Krishna will refuse to accept Indra’s order which will make Indra to shower non-stop rains that will start swiping away the houses of the village. Later, Krishn will life up Govardhan Parvat and will ask entire Barsana people to come under the Parvat for safety.

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