Drama galore more in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita, Mani and Simi will learn a shocking truth.

Simi and Mihika find bullets and guns in Neha’s bag. They think Neha is dangerous, meanwhile Aaliya, Yug and Neha returns back.

Aaliya and Neha again fight with each other. Mihika and Simi decide to tell Ishita and Raman about Neha’s intention. They both tells Ishra about neha and shows them bullet shell. Ishita says they need to quick solve her mystery. There, Ruhi is tensed thinking Karan.

Manish catches Karan and point gun on him. Karan gets scared but handles the situation. He smartly tells his location to Ishra. Ishita goes why Shamshad and Manish is dealing with the man and fails their plan. Ishita tries to provoke Sahil’s men to take Shaina’s name so that she can prove that she is Ishita.

In the upcoming episode, Police will arrest all goons. Shamshad will say they won’t leave Raman. Ishita and Raman get a note. Ishita will be shocked reading the letter thinking how the other person knows about their problem. Here, the Bhalla family will receive some shocking news from the inspector. Later, Ishita will find a mysterious letter with her name in it.  Elsewhere, Mani and Simi will learn the shocking truth.

What is the shocking news everyone is learning? For what Neha entered Bhalla house and claims Yug to be her husband. Why Neha is carring bullet shells? Who has sent her, well for all the answers keep watching Yeh Hai Mohbattein mon-fri on Star Plus and anytime on Hotstar.

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