Saltanat to make Zaroon upset in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat popular show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera starring Helly Shah and Rajveer Singh seems to out on promoting spree the psychotic behaviors of one sided lovers. In a time when people are debating and arguing over the importance of accepting a “NO” by a man or woman. There are these shows who are showing daring to say a no can be painful for one. This Prateek Sharma produced show which airs on Star Bharat on 10 pm is now a days focusing on the feelings and emotions of Kainaat who is deeply in love with Zaroon partially. Situation gets into such a place that she is ready to take a toll on the entire family members feelings and loves to fulfill her desires.

On the occasion of Id Miyajaan announced the marriage date of Hamza and Kainaat along with the engagement of Saltanat and Zaheer. Saltanat who went to Miyajaan to say that she is willing to marry just like that disapprove the proposal. On asking further she said she is not comfortable and bound to keep her defense in front of all. On the other hand Kainaat claimed of her being in love with Zaroon is the reason for declining the alliance. In the upcoming episode of tonight the regular audience are awaiting for more shocking events to take place in Shah Manzil.

In a game of passing the parcel Zaroon will win over Saltanat and will request her to reveal the reason of declining his love again and again. To which Saltanat after keeping a mum answered something really disappointing which ended up in making Zaroon annoyed.

On the other hand Neelam requested Zainab to free Saltant from her promise of Quran so that she can choose Zaroon for herself. In between all these drama Kainaat is being happy to see her plans are falling into place perfectly.

What is your opinion about this step of Saltanat? Will Zaroon gets more upset with Saltanat or he will do something more drastic?

To know all these answers keep watching this space.