Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 11th September 2019 written update: Pooja is blamed for money stealing

The episode starts with Puja is going out of the office room with the files when she finds out the door is locked from the outside and it can’t be opened. She tries a number of times but all in vain, Kabir notices all these and he gets up from his chair to help her. He also tries to open the door but it’s not opening. He tries to bang on it to make some sound and let people know that they got locked inside. Pooja stops him and says that if people find out that we are inside the room together then it will pave the way for more chaos in the house at this hour. Kabir understands her point of view and they both get settled on the chair to complete the rest of the work together.

Kabir tries to take the files from her hand and their palms get touched with each other which made Puja triggered and she dropped the files from her hand in consciousness. Both of them went down to take the files but their heads collide with each other, hence a cute moment formed between them. They arranged the files again and sit together on the table to complete the work. They are feeling uneasy with each other’s presence but somehow they are also liking it. On the other side, Ranjit is crying inside the room going Rani shouts at him that why he is making a scene for no reason?

Ranjeet asks her does he need permission to cry now? Chanda is walking in the corridor when she gets some sound coming out from Kabir room and she opens the door. She gets shocked to see Rani and Ranjeet together in the room. She asks Rani what she is doing here but Rani makes an excuse to cover the entire thing and left the room. Ranjit also leaves the room before any scene creates. Puja is working in the office when suddenly Kabir rest his head on her shoulder as he already dozed off due to the tiredness of the entire day. Puja is surprised but also adoring Kabir in a sleeping state and tries to comfort him. Kabir wakes up with a jerk when Pooja tells him the work is done completely.

Rani and Chanda come office room to check whether Kabir is inside with Pooja or not? They opened the door forcefully and finds Kabir is working alone in the room. Kabir gets annoyed to see them there when Rani pretends as if they just came to check on him.

He asks them to leave and also says to close the door while going out. Once they leave Kabir asks Pooja to come out and also says she can go to the room now as the door is open. In the morning, Pooja sees a beautiful dream where Kabir is offering her morning tea and they are drinking it together from a single plate. Pooja gets up from her sleep and realizes it’s a dream. Later on, the day Pooja gave money to a man to deliver at an orphanage when Jay says not to give out money without his permission. Kabir comes from behind and saves that he already give permission to Pooja regarding this. letter on Roman reigns is leaving the house regarding the donation and says that Pooja is trying to steal all the money and elope from the house in the name of orphanage donation. A person comes from the orphanage and says that we got a suitcase full of plain papers in the name of donation money. All the housemates except Kabir start to blame Pooja for this and call her thief while she cries for her innocence.

Rani gets happy to see the humiliation Pooja is facing and says in mind that the person who came in the name of the orphanage is sent by me and the money is with me but all will think Puja as a thief. Anuradha blames Puja to get her and Ashok insulted in front of all. Kabir later comes to Pooja and assures her that he believes she can’t do this but crying is not a solution to this problem. He wipes her tears and says we should find out who did this. Pooja is overwhelmed with his gestures.

Precap – Kabir and Pooja get romantic with each other.