Ek Bhram sarvagun sampann 16th September 2019 written update: Kabir and Pooja spend some romantic moments

The episode begins with Kabir and Pooja are standing together at Pooja’s room. Puja is hugging Kabir and then she distances herself from him. She asks him to go from there as they can’t be together. Kabir says what is wrong in trying once? Pooja asking not to nurture any false hopes in mind as the court hearing for divorce is scheduled after seven days only. She says my own mother is not ready to accept me then how come I hope that your family will forget everything and accept me as their daughter in law. Kabir says what is wrong in trying once? We still have seven days and we will see what we can do? Kabir says I don’t want to be that person who will think sitting beside a window after some years that if I tried to convince my family maybe I can be with Pooja. Pooja hugs him more tightly this time and Kabir also reciprocates.

Rani shouts from the hall area of the house and Kabir, Pooja and all the other family members come there to check what happened? They all see Rani is standing at gunpoint and one person with a mask on his face is asking to bring all the money and jewelry out of the house to save her.

Kabir tries to double-cross him and even succeed to an extent but then he saw another masked person is standing up holding a gun on his grandfather’s head. He gets tensed and leaves the gun. The goon then asks Pooja to bring out all the money and she did exactly the same and while coming out after taking money from locker Kabir signs her to hit the person behind with the bag in his hand. Pooja does the same on his command and grabs the gun before he can take it and points at him.

On the other side, Kabir takes control over the other man pointing a gun at his grandfather. Kabhi manages to save him and the family while the man in the mask tries to escape the house. Kabir runs behind them and grabs them and Pooja takes out their masks and it was revealed to be Ranjit and another man. Ranjit says it was not his plan but Rani. Rani comes there and challenges that she wi snatch away all the happiness and joy from her sister Pooja’s life. Kabir says if anyone tries to do anything bad to Pooja I will not spare them. Rani gets angrier and challenges them.

At night, Kabir comes at Pooja room all hidden and says I am coming to your room hiding from all as if I am in college and you are my girlfriend, Pooja laughs and says what will happen to us, Kabir? Kabir says we will be together forever and mark my words all the housemates are going to accept you soon. Pooja says but will we be able to be together for the rest of life? Kabir says yes and he gives a kiss on her forehead and they spent the night together by sitting. In the morning, Pooja gets up and asks Kabir to go to his room as anyone can see them.

Kabir says I will come to your room next time via the door and goes out after giving her a peck on the cheek and Pooja blushes hard. Rani is upset with the fact that Pooja loves Kabir so much when Anuradha informs her to get ready as the priest of Suman can arrive anytime. Rani again conspires something malicious against Pooja.

Precap – Pooja is blamed for mixing non-veg in the food made for the priest. Kabir asks for CCTV footage to get the reality out.