Vidya 16th September 2019 Written Update:- Vidya meets Nanku Singh

The episode starts with Vidya entering Nanku haveli. She takes baby steps in fear and gets startled by someone’s voice. Tiwari ji explains Jagat about vidya’s mistake. Jagat scolds him while Tiwari ji apologizes falling on his feet. Vidya turns to find a girl who shouts her to go inside and takes her in. The girl asks her to wash all the vessels and clean the clothes and then leave. Vidya watched panicked and prays to God. She thinks this to be her punishment and thanks god for such an easy punishment. She starts doing the work. The girl’s bhabhi introduces her to the real maid for whom she misunderstood Vidya with. She gets angry and thinks her to be a thief. She points the gun at her while Vidya starts running. The girl falls down and looks furiously at Vidya. Avtaar wonders if Vidya will escape from Nanku’s vrath. She keeps running and is about go fall down. Nanku is about to touch her for catching her but she stops mid-air. He keeps looking at her while the girl comes with her gun pointing Vidya.

The girl calls her a thief while Nanku stands confused. Her mother enquires her and the girl says that she’s a thief disguised as a thief. Tiwari ji comes there and introduces Vidya to them. They get shocked. Jagat mocks her and Vidya cries ashamed. Everyone laughs mocking at her except Nanku and his family while Vidya keeps crying. Nanku asks her the reason for washing clothes being an English teacher.

Avtaar and his family are worried about Vidya. They turn to find Nanku’s car arriving. Dharma asks Avtaar to save them somehow. The car stops and Vidya gets down from it shocking everyone. They ask what happened and she starts explaining. She explains what happened after Nanku’s question. Nanku’s mother consoles him and asks him to forgive her. He says that he didn’t say any such thing. Jagat says that he will do but Nanku shuts him up. She says about Vidya saving the kid’s life and praises her with God. He explains everyone about her help and thanks to her for it. Vidya asks if she can go but Nanku asks her to attend his daughter’s naming ceremony and Vidya agrees. She’s even asked to sit in pooja and before leaving he insists her to leave after having food. She agrees and takes his child from him and kissed the child. She says that he served her food too. They ask about the car and she says that there’s no air in her cycle. Avtaar completes that he offered to drop her home because of it.

Avtaar says that he doesn’t trust Nanku Singh and Dharma asks what he wants to say. He says that he’s not someone who respects people so much. Avtaar says that Nanku Singh has on eye on beautiful women and she’s his latest target now. He says she got his attention more than necessary and Vidya gets terrified. She remembers their moments and gets understands that Avtaar is saying right. She cries hard.

Precap: She sees Nanku’s car and sees him in office. She covers herself