Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Jhanvi’s identity in danger?

Star Plus early evening show titled “Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampann” is now a days having some high voltage drama added with some twists and turns in the storyline. Jhanvi Mittal the elder daughter-in-law of the is in the house with a motive and she has done much progress to accomplish her goal all this while.

However, much to her disappointment Manohar created enough trouble for her from some time now. She being a controlled and calculative person handled him  all alone but with a recent incident that took place in the show things went out of proportion.

PK Mittal’s personal assistant Manohar kidnapped Ishani and started blackmailing Jhanvi regarding her real self. On the other hand Kavya who saw Jhanvi is leaving the house in a hurry informed Dhruv and Pk about the same. Manohar puts Jhanvi on a gunpoint for trying to double cross on him. In a tug of war between Jhanvi and Manohar situation goes for worse and Manohar tried to shoot her. Though PK reached at pick time and shot him down to save Jhanvi and the bullet takes a bypass by touching the shoulder of Jhanvi.

Amidst of all these things that made most sense is what is the reason of Manohar behaving in such a way. While the situation looks much under control the spoilers regarding the upcoming episodes can sent a chill down your spine. The loyal viewers of the show had seen that Kavya unknowingly got hold of a dreadly evidence against Jhanvi.

In tonight’s episode the loyal fans of the show will see Ishani will fake her losing the memory regarding the incident while on the other hand Jhanvi will gain consciousness again. Kavya will handover the red file which contains all the information against Jhanvi to Raghav. Raghav also will come home with the files and check the papers to find some clue.

Will Jhanvi get exposed in front of the family members now? Or the sarvagun sampann bahu will be able to hide herself once again?

Keep watching the show to see some real drama in coming days.