Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Surprising turn of events upcoming in the show!

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna has successfully garnered viewers’ attention ever since its beginning with the apt amount of thriller and family drama in its story. Pooja has come a long way in the show from becoming the mastermind of a game of vengeance to now becoming a victim to another one. While she did everything to avenge for her family’s pain caused by Suman’s family, her own mother has now shown hatred towards her.

Even when all she is trying to do is repair the past damages, Kabir is hell-bent on making her pay for what she did with his family. This vengeance drama seems like it will run for a while. However, the show never fails to surprise with new nuances in every character’s traits and storyline.

The upcoming episode of the show too will see some surprising turn of events in the show. In the episode, Suman will accuse Pooja of stealing the property papers in which she was transferring her property in Rani’s name. Pooja will get shocked and will refuse to do such an act.

Still, Suman will insist on blaming her for it. She will taunt Pooja that she has broken everyone’s trust already and no one will trust her now. Unexpectedly, Kabir is going to place his trust in her. He will tell Suman that she has not been trying to do what she has been accused of. Also, Kabir will take a drastic step later in the show. So, what might it be that Kabir is going to do? Will the dimension of Kabir and Pooja change after he shows his trust in her despite all the betrayals that have happened in the past?

Tune in for the entertaining episode to arrive soon at our screen. Keep this space abuzz for more of such spoilers.