Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Written Update 4th July 2019 :- Pooja amd Kabir again engaged in an argument

The episode starts with Dhruv is sitting in a Bar and consuming alcohol while thinking about Jhanvi and her betrayal. Here Kabir is looking here and there for a house on rent but due to their image being tarnished among the society no one is ready to give them room on rent. Then Kabir gets a call from his friend from America who says that his house is left vacant over here so if he should go there and stay. Kabir says I don’t want to take anyone’s sympathy if you are okay with taking rent from me then say, his friend says you did a lot for me, still, if it’s about your self-respect I will charge you the rent. For now, you can go and stay there. Kabir gets happy and thanks to him for doing this favor on him.

Kabir entered his friend’s house with his family members. They are not so happy to see the house as the area is small according to their Mittal house. Kabir tries to make them understand that no one is ready to give them home now. His friend gave this house on rent to him. So we will make it a place to live at home don’t build from tiles but families.

Here Pooja is talking to Amma on call, she says days if my crying and agonies are gone. Now I will live fully, live with my real identity, Jhanvi will never be back, now it’s Pooja’s turn to live happily. I will do a new beginning in life.

Kabir also says we will start again from here. A life with full honor, respect, and love. So let us get together to do it. All come forward to show their support to him one by one. Kabir then promises them to bring back their old glory and lavishly life.

They start to clean the house altogether. Every one of them contributes to the workflow. They set the living room, bedroom, hall, and kitchen. Suman makes food for all and they have their lunch all together. Jai and Sonali are fighting with each other about the section of the cupboard when Kabir tells his mom that his education certificates are missing.

Here Pooja is doing her breakfast when Kabir enters the house. Pooja welcomes him sarcastically and asks her servant to pack the remaining food for beggars. Kabir says if you are done with your drama then can we talk? By the way, whoever lives and eats alone generally keeps grudges in their hearts to be a sadist. Pooja gets angry, Kabir asks for his certificates.

Pooja takes the bag with her sandals and throws it to Kabir and taunts him. Kabir bends down and opens the bag. A rat comes out and Kabir sees all the documents are destroyed by Pooja. Pooja taunts him and is about to go when Kabir holds her hand from behind and twist it. Both exchange some provoking words for each other. Pooja says all of the boys are the same, they don’t hesitate to raise his hand on anyone in the name of anger. Kabir leaves her hand and Pooja left after warning him.

Precap: Kabir is waiting at the bus stop, Jhanvi comes and splashes muddy water on him from the car. Later her feet slip and she is about to fell into the mud but Kabir saves her