Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th July 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi takes care of Rohit!

Today’s episode opens with Netra saying to Sona that Rohit is crazy. She says to Sona that the watch seems to be important for him. Sonakshi says than why he is throwing attitude let him stay in the garden whole night. Netra asks for coffee. The duo talks with each other. They discusses about the TRP.

Netra and Sona see Rohit struggling sitting on the bench. Sona gives the blanket and mosquito repellent to her maid and asks her to give it to Rohit. She says to her he will say no but you give and come. She comes with the blanket. Rohit says he doesn’t need it. Maid keeps the stuff on the bench and leaves. Sona checks Rohit from the window.

At night Sona wakes up and sees Rohit is sleeping with the blanket that has her photo personalized on it. She clicks his pic with the blanket. Sona self-talks to herself about Rohit and his watch.

Rohit wakes up. A man in the garden looks at him. Rohit asks why he is staring at him. He says he has seen many fans but like him he is seeing for the first time. He says he is the first fan who is wearing Pravati’s blanket and sleeping outside her house. Rohit throws the blanket.

Rohit sees the newspaper and gets stun reading the front page. News says actress Paravati gets harassed at Sippy’s hospital, as she was stopped from meeting her little fan at the hospital. Furious Rohit bangs her door and gives her the newspaper. He freaks out at her. Sona looks at the newspaper and gets stunned. Rohit’s health worsens. Pulkit and Sona take care of him.

At Rohit’s house everyone discusses about the news and decides to discard it asap. Nisha tells Venna that Rohit is at her house.

Sona checks his fever and asks Pulki to call doctor. Her maid suggests Sona to take out Rohit’s T-shirt and keep cold water cloth on his chest. The fever will get low. Sona asks Pulki to help her in removing his shirt.

Sona falls on Rohit while taking out his T-shirt. The duo shares an eye-lock. Sona wipes Rohhit’s body with cold water and takes care of him. Sona asks her maid to make herbal brew for Rohit. She feeds him with the brew. She rechecks his temperature and it comes to normal.

Rohit asks for his t-shirt. Someone knocks at Sona’s door. Some people come to do small segment with her. Sonakshi asks them to give her 5 minutes. She gets tense and asks Rohit to go and hide in her room.

Sonakshi shoots for the segment. Rohit in her room sees her photo. Ankita says her cameraman to set the camera at her bedroom. Suman and Sona ask her to cover the yoga room first. Ankita again ask to show her Sona’s bedroom. Sonakshi makes an excuse and goes to check her bedroom.

Rohit sleeps. Sona wakes him up. He asks for his clothes. Sona asks him to come with her in the bathroom. Rohit says she is crazy and he is not going anywhere with her. Rohit says he is going he opens the door and sees the media. He closes the door and Pulkit covers him up.

Sonakshi begs Rohit to hide in the bathroom. She cleans her room and calls the reporter to record her room.

Sippy’s comes at Sona’s house. Pulkit gets shocked seeing them and informs Sona about them.

Precap: Venna asks to Suman about Rohit. Rohit from the bathroom shouts for the help and says, as he is claustrophobic. Sonakshi gets tensed.