Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna- chilling thrilling drama in store!

The newly popular thriller that airs on Star Plus, ‘Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna’ has been entertaining the viewers with twists in every episode of the series from the very beginning. The show centralizes drama quotient so powerfully that there has never been a dull moment for ardent drama lovers. In upcoming episodes of the show, this tendency is further going up with more dramatic events unfolding one after another. In a thrilling sequence of the drama, Sahil will be seen rescued from his grave. Commissioner, with the help of his men, buried a very much alive Sahil under the ground. He will be saved from his imminent death by none- other than Jhanvi. After this, Jhanvi will sure come up with a new plan to use this incident to her advantage which will be quite an interesting twist to witness in the show.

Moreover, Kavya who felt something unusual in her gut regarding Ishani’s instructions about medicine capsules given to Suman gets more alert and suspicious. There will be a scene in the show soon where Kavya chances upon to closely examine medicines given to Suman regularly for her mental stability. She happens to break open those capsules and what she sees inside it makes her surer of her doubts and suspicion about the medicines. Now following her doubts, she might cross check all the details and reach the truth. If she does that, Ishani will surely be in trouble though considering the strength of Jhanvi’s character arc in the story it will be a long story before Kavya can reach to the real culprit.

Anyways, all these plots in the series are building more interest in the story which is very overwhelming for a budding show. Keep loving the show and keep supporting us by subscribing to our portal.