Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 1st March 2021 Written Update: Suman completes her challenge.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 1st March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The Episode starts with Gujral asking are you sure, you want to play. Suman says yes, I m sure, I want to play this match for my regiment. The match begins. Suman plays and loses out due to her foot sprain. She makes a point. Shravan smiles. Beena asks how did Suman get hurt. Kavita says you will be worried for her, a cabinet fell over Suman’s leg. Ramesh asks did she get too hurt. Devraj says doctor asked her to give some rest to the foot.

Beena says we will meet her. Devraj says she has gone to the cantonment. Beena asks did she go to play a match. Kavita says no, she can’t play, she said she can’t leave her duty. Devraj says she has learnt the army spirit from you all. Beena says she went after Vijay. Ramesh says we couldn’t do anything for her. Beena says this match was imp for her. Kavita says I will tell you when she comes.

Suman goes to sit on the chair. Shravan and Gujral go to her. Gujral asks are you fine. Suman says yes. Gujral says I will get water for you, stay here, she needs you. Suman says you know I never lose, I can’t do this. Shravan says you chose to fight, its your victory, not a defeat. He encourages her. He says we had been in love madly, we won in the end, play the match well, I m with you, okay. She nods. Gujral gets water for her. She drinks it. He asks are you feeling better now. She says yes. He says good, best of luck. She goes for the next round. Suman plays well. Shravan claps for her. Suman tolerates the pain. Shravan worries seeing Suman fall down. The match gets over. Everyone rushes to Suman. She faints down. Shravan lifts her and takes her.

Avni asks what did you think ahead. Ayaan says everything is ready from our side, we are waiting for Shravan. Avni says he is busy in sports championship, there was a match today but Suman got hurt, she isn’t able to walk. He says she would be upset, what did doctor say. She says doctor asked her to take bed rest, she was upset. He says take care, I love you. She says I love you too. She turns and sees Kavita at the door. Kavita asks what is going on. Avni says my friend Sneha, I love you is common in friends. Kavita says don’t teach me a lot, give me your phone.

Avni asks why, where is your phone. Kavita says my phone is discharged, I have to call Suman and ask about her health. Avni deletes the log and gives the phone. Kavita calls Suman and Shravan. She asks Shravan about Suman, she isn’t answering. Bassi answers the call. He says Suman fainted, Shravan is with him. She asks how did she faint. He says she fainted during the match. She asks why did she play the match. He says I m in a hurry, I will ask Shravan to call you, we all are with Suman, bye. Kavita says what was the need to play the match.

Doctor does Suman’s aid. Suman gets conscious. Shravan says be careful. Gujral says I hope I m not seeing worry on a brave officer’s face. Doctor asks her not to move. She thanks everyone. Shravan says pain got more and you fainted. She asks about the game. He says we will go and see the result. He lifts her and takes her to the wheelchair. She says whatever the result, thanks for doing it for me. He says don’t stop my romance by thanking me. Gujral says what a game.

Everyone claps for Suman. Gujral says I m proud to lead such soldiers, Suman, I salute your spirit for your duty, you played the match well, its an example for us. Everyone claps. Suman smiles. Gujral says you have to give the best, its time for the result, this win wasn’t easy, the winner is Major Suman Malhotra. Suman cries happily. Everyone claps. Shreya says you played well, congrats, it was an honour for me to play with you. Suman thanks her. She says Shravan, you had faith in me. He says yes, you can do anything if you are determined, I can do anything for you. She says I can do anything for you.

Suman says Shravan’s match will be done soon. Shravan hears Suman talking to her assistant. He says I m going home, give me Suman’s medicines.

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