Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2nd April 2020 Written Update: SHRAVAN IS A MISFIT IN ARMY WORLD

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The episode starts withKanchan asking Suman to hurry up since they are getting ready. Suman comes out of the washroom wearing her NCC uniform. Kanchan reminds her that they are going to a function not to an army parade. Suman tells her that she is looking like a model instead. She gives Kanchan the match ticket she had got from Shravan. Kanchan tries convincing her to change clothes but Suman replies that she has to wear the uniform to salute her father when he will get the medal.

Shravan’s father and his mother Kavita discuss about the fact that they have shifted which Kavita didn’t like but Shravan tells her that they are near the army colony and his office as well plus Shravan will get some discipline now. Shravan comes out and tells his father that he will come by bike as after his event he has to go somewhere else too. His father scolds him at first but then Kavita convinces him to let him come by bike. They leave. Shravan wonders where his ticket is.

Suman’s mother tells her father Vijay that he is going to add another medal in his collection now. Vijay apologizes for not giving her enough time and asks her if she really hasn’t any complain from him. Suman says that she doesn’t as he is like her commandant officer. They hug. Suman comes and asks them to come out. She tells Vijay that they are proud of him. He smiles and compliments her saying that she is looking very good. She smiles and leaves.

After a while Vijay opens the door of the car to let his wife sit down. Veena asks her husband Ramesh to learn something from his brother. He jokes about it. Vijay asks him to sit next to him.

Shravan’s parents reach the event and Kavita asks her husband why there are so many mirrors everywhere. He explains her that army officers have to make sure their uniform is fine before meeting another officer. Kavita asks him if there is any place to sit for civilians at which he replies that they shall wait as some different arrangements have been done for civilians.

Shravan comes too and receives a call from Bunty asking him to come. He says he is coming as soon as possible.

Suman and his family come too and Shravan walks towards her side. They are about to bump into each other but Suman sees him (not his face though) and steps aside.

Shravan sees Dadu there and recognizes him. He recalls how he had scolded him earlier in the morning. He goes to sit on the seats on first line. Suman comes and asks him to get up since he is a civilian and these seats are reserved for army officers. She asks him to show some manners but he replies back that he has left them home. Suman calls an officer and tells him about the issue. The officer takes Shravan away.

Vijay and his wife greet Shravan’s father Devraj and Kavita and Vijay asks them to come with him as he will show him the seats. Just then the officer brings Shravan there and Devraj asks him if there is any problem. The officer tells him that Shrava sat on the seats reserved for army officers. Vijay says that it seems like he is looking forward to join army. Devraj tells him that he is still studying.

They take their seats. Shravan’s phone rings and his father asks him to show some manners. He picks up the call instead of standing up to welcome the officers on the stage. He tells Bunty that he is coming in a while. Suman sees him talking and comments that he has no manners at all and can’t even stand up for respect. She takes her seat. Devraj tells Shravan that she is Vijay’s daughter and also that they are their new neighbors. Shravan thinks that thankfully Suman doesn’t know that he was on the bike she was chasing in the morning.

Just then an officer makes an announcement asking to remove a bike which has been parked in army area. Shravan says that it’s his bike. Suman recalls the plaque of the bike and realizes that the guy she was chasing was Shravan only. She smirks showing him the ticket.Shravan goes to move the bike.

Kanchan pulls Suman’s leg asking her if the ticket is a kind of code. She says that the guy seems interesting and cute. Suman says that he is mannerless only.

Bunty calls Shravan and tells him that he was unable to find the ticket. Shravan tells him that he found out that Suman, the daughter of colonel Vijay, has it. Bunty asks him to show his magic and get back the ticket.

The event starts. Suman is excited since his father’s name is going to be mentioned. The host says that Vijay is going to get medal.

Shravan comes and sits behind Suman. He looks at her bag and tries grabbing it to take the ticket out from it. He is able to grab it and opens it. Suman turns around and sees that. She snatches her bag from Shravan who gets pushed on the ground. Dadu sees him and recognizes him. Devraj rushes to Shravan and apologizes on his behalf. He takes Shravan away.

While leaving, Shravan glares at Suman and says that he will make her pay for this.

Episode ends

Precap: Dadu asks Shravan if he wants to drink. Devraj says that Shravan doesn’t drink alcohol. Dadu tells him that he was drinking last night and in the morning he bumped into him while having coffee after stealing the jacket of an army officer. Devraj asks Suman if there can be changes in Shravan’s behavior if he gets admission in army school.