Ek Duje Ke Vaste: Shravan is unable to give his surprise to Suman

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Viewers expecting for a big confession of Suman and Shravan thought of a nice lawn confession but sadly it is all set to be interrupted by Vikram.

Shravan after talking to Bunty will plan a way to confess his feelings to Suman. Suman’s family on the other hand discusses about talking to Vikram’s family about Suman and Vikram’s engagement. Coincidently during the surprise execution of Shravan done by Veer, Vikram will come. While Suman is brought by Veer to the lawn, Shravan becomes all set to enter the lawn but seeing Vikram, he will hide. Vikram will come with n intention to surprise everyone especially Suman. Vikram will announce to everyone how Pandit ji found an engagement date of this month. The family is delighted and then he turns to ask Suman. Shravan is sad and thinks if Suman says yes then he will know she doesn’t have feelings for him.

In upcoming episodes, we will see how Shravan and Suman will have heart to heary conversation and Suman will ask about the surprise Shravan was about to give her.

Will this ever waiting confession ever happen? Will Vikram know about Suman and Shravan’s feelings? Will Suman say yes to Vikram? Will this confusion between Suman and Shravan ever be cleared? Keep following this space for more.