Imali to get blamed of theft by the family members of Aditya?

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Star plus one of the most popular show “Imlie” giving one after another major twist n turns in the story line to keep the audience hooked to the TV screens. This Gul Khan show has been a favourite of the audience ever since the launch. Not only that the online audiences are also liking the concept and the flow of the story currently.

Well the regular audience of the show is watching that Imlie and Aditya are trying their best to hide from everybody about their forceful marriage in the village. In one hand, Imlie is trying to adjust in the new environment tolerating the attitudes of Aditya. Aditya is also burning from self guilt as he has to say endless lies to the people he calls close. However it looks like things are going to be more tough for Imile in the upcoming days.

In the last night’s episode audience had seen Imlie and Malini are going to face each other finally in the house of Aditya. Today finally the fans can see the confrontation happening as Malini will see Imlie in the house for the first time. This will make her wonder why Aditya didn’t care to inform her about Imlie being in his house?

On another hand, Aditya will feel guilty for making a hip of lies in front of Malini as he is not getting enough courage to face her with the truth.

Meanwhile the family will take out Malini for clothes and jewellery shopping and left behind only in the house to take care of the other belongings. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the house members will feel horrible when they will find out that Imlie is not home and all the money, jewelry, clothes are missing from the house. They will doubt her for stealing them all and escapes . Well more tough times for Imlie!!

It will be a great watch to see how Imlie will explain the situation to them and will Aditya lend his support to her this time? For more updates keep watching this space.