Faltu 11th November 2022 Written Update: Ayaan starts Faltu’s training

Faltu 11th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Charan getting tensed about the money issue. He thinks about Pappi’s condition and keeps worrying about the matter. At that time Ayaan comes there and gives money to him, stating that he wants to help the latter. He proclaims that Faltu’s life is way more important then money and ask him to save his daughter from Pappi by returning the money. Meanwhile, Faltu comes there and stops her father from taking the money. She gently refuses Ayaan’s help and proclaims that she doesn’t want the society to win by stating that a daughter can’t do anything to help her father. She states that she will anyhow arrange the money and insists Ayaan to start Anmol’s training instantly.

Here, Ayaan agrees to Faltu’s request while Ratan and his wife gets suspicious about Faltu’s confidence to return Pappi’s money. They becomes suspicious and decides to keep an eye on Faltu. Ratan’s wife proclaims that they are getting a huge amount from Pappi for marrying him to Faltu and states that they can’t afford to loose it.

Ratan states that they are already taking double the amount of staying from Ayaan and states that they have to be careful that Faltu doesn’t reveal the truth to them, orelse they will loose their customers. Meanwhile, Ratan’s wife goes towards Ayaan’s room and hears Suhanna’s conversation. She learns that Ayaan went out for some work and gets relieved.

Elsewhere, Tanisha comes out of Mittal’s house and was about to get inside her car when Siddharth comes there and insists to drop her. She denies his request and assures that she will manage. Meanwhile, he intentionally brings his phone out and starts laughing after seeing a video. Tanisha goes towards him and ask about the video, to which he shows it to her.

Tanisha geta jealous seeing Faltu and Ayaan making food together. Sid states that Ayaan is having fun in Ittarpur, while Tanisha gets hurt and goes back to her house. Sid smirks as his plan gets successful and then messages Pappi reminding him about his work. Whereas, the latter goes inside Ayaan’s mart along with his goons and starts changing the label of expiry dates in order to get Ayaan into trouble.

Ahead, Faltu leaves her house in the middle of the night to go for training. Whereas, Ratan’s wife starts following her. Faltu hides from her while the latter tries to look for her but then thought that she mistook someone as Faltu. The latter gets an idea to get rid of her and scares her aunty by pretending to be a ghost. Ratan’s wife gets scared and runs back to her home.

Pratap sees his mother and lies about a witch in their village. He makes her more scared while the latter starts shivering and goes inside her room. Whereas, Pratap feels relieved as he able to save Faltu from getting caught. Meanwhile, the latter reaches the training ground being disguised as Anmol while Ayaan scolds him for being late and ask to run 5 rounds.

Further, Ayaan gets suspicious upon Anmol by seeing similarities between him and Faltu. He starts training the latter while Faltu tries to keep her secret safe. Meanwhile, Ayaan instructs the latter to maintain good posture and then explains her how to play. Whereas, Faltu plays good shots and geta appreciated by Ayaan. Meanwhile, she gets elated while he confronts her about the truth and assures that she will surely be able to help her father.

Precap:- Pratap’s mother ask Ayaan about Anmol, to which he notify that he is Faltu and Pratap’s friend. He happily goes along with the latter without knowing about the truth. Whereas, Pratap’s mother shares her suspicion upon Faltu and says that she is missing. Pappi determines to find the truth and follows the latter. Meanwhile, Faltu changes her look and Pappi gets inside there and confronts the latter. Whereas, Ayaan comes there in between them and defends Faltu.

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